Matt Sohinki


Matthew Eric Sohinki



Date of Birth:

August 29, 1987 (age 30)


Sohinki, Sokinky, EndlessM1ke, Sohin (Mari and Courtney), DILF, Dad™, Kiki (Boze), Piere La Piere.



Years Active:

2013-Present (Sohinki)
2017-Present (Toaster Ghost)
2012-present (Smosh Games; 2012-17 full-time)
2010-2012 (ClevverGames)
2010-2011 (MahaloGames)






Syracuse University

Matthew Eric Sohinki, (born August 29, 1987) also known as Sohinki or Sokinky, is an American YouTuber and a former member of Smosh Games. Before Smosh Games, he worked at Mahalo Games and Clevver Games with Joshua Ovenshire and David "Lasercorn" Moss, both members that joined Smosh Games with him in September 2012 when Clevver merged with Smosh to create Smosh Games. He is also known for doing stand-up comedy and gameplay videos on his personal YouTube channel.

He announced on August 5, 2017 that he, along with Lasercorn, had ceased to exist as a full-time Smosh Games member.

Show Hostings

Sohinki Leaves Smosh Games

On August 5, 2017 Sohinki uploaded the video Sohinki's New Chapter (originally titled Sohinki Not in Smosh Games anymore?) where he officially says he is no longer a full-time member of Smosh Games. He explains he left because he felt it was time for him to move on as a creator. He also mentions that he and Lasercorn will be creating a project together. The next day he, Lasercorn, YouTuber Amy Lynn (misshabit) and Pamela Horton, Ian's current girlfriend, created the channel ToasterGhost. Aside from this, both Sohinki and Lasercorn will continue to make occasional appearances on Smosh Games.


  • Sohinki has two older brothers, Jonathan and Daniel.
  • His eyes are hazel.
  • Sohinki is originally from Germany.
  • His parents live in Virginia.
  • Sohinki's nickname is simply his last name, but he still gets asked about its origins.
  • His screen name is "EndlessM1ke" (Endless Mike), after a character from the classic Nickelodeon show The Adventures of Pete & Pete.
  • He is left-handed, although only when writing or kicking. He says he uses his right for mostly everything else.
  • He is the shortest male on Smosh Games, only being taller than Mari and Boze.
  • As of Smosh Summer Games 2K16 Sohinki was single.
    • Sohinki had a long distance girlfriend named Rebecca (Bexysc), who is also a gamer. She occasionally accompanied him in streams. In a Twitch livestream, it was revealed that they met playing DOTA. The cause of the breakup is unknown.
    • Sohinki was dating a girl who had been on two dates with. He said this during a Twitch livestream and nothing else was said about her.
  • Sohinki's first concert was Metallica.
  • Sohinki is the most frequent Twitch streamer out of the Smosh Games crew; on his channel, he streams Smite, DOTA, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, and other games every Tuesday and Thursday, having an audience of 100+ every stream.
  • Sohinki revealed on a stream that he had braces when he was young.
  • Sohinki attended Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York, majoring in Television, Radio, and Film.
  • Sohinki is Jewish along with Noah Grossman. This was first mentioned in Crashing Dem Castles. This is usually mentioned as a joking insult toward him by the other cast members.
  • Sohinki can speak German.
  • Sohinki has a love for red pandas; he said that one time when he was sick he Googled red pandas and instantly felt better as shown in this video ending. Both Sohinki and the fans have taken note of this, Sohinki even going as far as rewarding his Twitch subscribers a red panda icon beside their names.
    • A fan adopted a red panda under Sohinki's name, as mentioned on his Twitter and Instagram.
  • The first time Jovenshire and Sohinki met was at a job interview, which (according to Jovenshire) Sohinki was completely over-dressed for; wearing a suit and tie, making Joven feel threatened for the job.
  • He is interested in stand-up comedy: one of his channel videos shows him performing a stand-up routine, and in a WatchUsLiveAndStuff video, Anthony mentions being invited by him to a comedy gig.
  • As shown in the countless dancing Game Bangs, Sohinki has been proven to be quite a good dancer, regularly being in the Top 3 for such episodes, the only exceptions being "Don't Stop The Hip Hop" and "You Can't Stop the Motion" (both of which he came 5th place in) and being 4th in "Breaking It Down In 2014." He also released a dancing video with Flitz on his personal channel.
  • Sohinki has been shown to have an affinity with hip-hop and R&B music, having stated that his favorite band is "A Tribe Called Quest." In some Smosh Games videos, he mentions that he likes Dubstep.
    • He also is seen to be a relatively skilled rapper in Epic Smosh Rap Battle (despite receiving a low score).
  • Anthony mentions in Like a Surgeon that Sohinki has a brother who is a doctor.
  • Along with Anthony, he seems to be one of the most balanced players in Game Bangs. All other players have a certain weakness or weaknesses:
    • Jovenshire: Karaoke games, Kinect games, and pretty much all things multiplayer.
    • Mari's weaknesses: Any games that don't involve dancing/Kinect games (namely platformers)
    • Lasercorn's weakness: Dancing games and obscure games.
    • Ian's weaknesses: Platformers and (occasionally) dancing games.
  • Sohinki is the youngest member of the Clevver Games group.
  • Sohinki has a ridiculously high tolerance to spice as seen in the Game Bang episode Hot Pepper Mario Party when he says the 6 million scoville sauce isn't spicy and dips his finger in it.
  • Along with Lasercorn and Jovenshire, he is sometimes a guest on TheFineBros's YouTuber's React show.
  • He is the last player to have an individual loss on Game Bang, having received the lowest score on episode 169 (Mystery Jelly Bean Nightmare).
  • Sohinki currently holds the record for the highest consecutive amount of Game Bang episodes without doing a punishment (18) (he did not lose an episode between Slumber Party Games and We Slaughter Helpless Critters).
  • On 28 March 2014, He also took the record for most consecutive Game Bang wins with 5 (We Cross Swords, We Are Sweaty Women, Ultimate Pokemon Showdown, Halo Makes Us Wet! and We Slaughter Helpless Critters (28th Feb-28th Mar 2014)).
  • Matt's father appeared in a special video uploaded on June 10, 2014 in which him and David Moss (Lasercorn) battle it out against their dads in a grudge match, which aired on Father's Day. Also, he appeared in an episode of Grand Theft Smosh where his, Wes's and Lasercorn's fathers come and try to play Grand Theft Auto V.
  • He is the only one not to have hair modification (Jovenshire had a Mohawk called "The JovenHawk," and Lasercorn had orange hair for a month).
    • He is also the only one to not have a tattoo as well.
  • In Grand Theft Smosh, he is known for making poorly designed maps. This is a especially seen in the episode" Grand Theft Karting".
  • Sohinki revealed in a MariCraft episode that he has a cat.
  • It was stated in a Game Bang that the part of a woman he finds sexiest is the butt.
  • As pointed out by Anthony, Sohinki has a habit of messing with his hair right after losing or dying in a game, mainly on Game Bang.
  • Sohinki does not like to lose and when he does, he gets mad. In fact, the Smosh Games crew made a term "Sohinkism". It's used when someone starts hating the game because they lose.
  • In a Grand Theft Smosh episode, Flitz falsely stated Sohinki's middle name as Perry, but followed it by saying, "Go and Google it and then lie to the Smosh Wikipedia about it."
  • It was said in Maricraft that Minecraft annoys him so much.
  • He said in Breakfast Time with Smosh Games that he is lactose intolerant, but only when he drinks milk itself.
  • He came last in a Game Bang for the first time in the episode FRUIT NINJAS OF FURY.
  • There is an on going fandom about him and his fellow cast member, Mari. many people want to see them be together, even though Mari has been in a relationship since 2010. People ship them as Marhinki.
  • There is an ongoing joke that Sohinki has an abnormally small penis.
  • There is a time when Sohinki actually attempt to sell his "Nuts" to Lasercorn for five dollars in a Game Bang. "I make the price of this deez nuts though" - Sohinki (Mystery Jelly bean nightmare Game Bang)
  • He hosted "Backseat Gaming" during its run.
  • Usually called "Sohin" by Mari.
  • In the video "Fingering Earholes at VidCon 2014", Mari called him "Sohinkles" in hopes of waking him up.
  • It is revealed that he is part Arab in the SGA video "DISTURBED FRIENDS W/ SMOSH GAMES LIVE".
  • It has been shown in some episodes that Shohinki is one of the weakest members of Smosh Games in terms of physicality, this is best shown in "Real Life Car Destruction" where he didn't do much damage to the car in comparison to Joven or Wes as they been able to break the cars front window as well as dent it whereas Sohinki didn't break the window or dent the car.
  • Has seen Pamela's breasts.



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