Mate Selection
Do's and Don'ts 2


May 7, 2012

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Do's & Don'ts



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Narrator, Susie, Jimmy, Clyde, Gidget, LeBarbeque, Clifford, Gregory

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Mate Selection is the second episode of the Shut Up! Cartoons series Do's & Don'ts. It was uploaded on May 7, 2012.

Brief Synopsis: The Do's and Don'ts kids show you the finer points of mate selection.


The narrator asks Jimmy and Susie that 'What if their eating and video game addictions could be the only thing standing in their dream relationships'? Jimmy doesn't seem to care, but Susie realizes she's a tad bit overweight, so she goes off to get black market breast implants, a changed voice, and plastic surgery. Meanwhile, Jimmy cannot get why Gidget doesn't like him and likes another kid with brain damage. Soon comes the changed Susie, who haunts all the kids on the playground. When Jimmy realizes how bad he is to get girls, he thinks about becoming homosexual. He then looks at LeBarbeque, who responds by saying "No" firmly.

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"I love being pretty."