"Mario was buying, like, fifty pieces of candy every chance he got. The fat candy whore."
Anthony guessing who will win the Candy Star in the finale




Game Mario Party 8
Release Date November 7, 2012
Length 13:39
Views 2.6M+ (July 2017)
Link MARIO PARTY FTW (Gametime w/ Smosh)
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MARIO PARTY FTW is the seventh episode of Gametime with Smosh, hosted by Ian and Anthony on Smosh Games. It is the one-off episode of Mario Party 8, a party game published by Nintendo.

It was released on November 7, 2012.


We play with our wii and enjoy some Mario Party 8


Anthony expresses joy in having a golden Wii remote, which Ian mocks him for. They start up the game and Ian comments on how the Mii on the save file resembles Chuck Norris, which Anthony remembers is his. They are creeped out by the host of the Star Carnival, and choose their characters. Anthony chooses Birdo and Ian chooses Daisy, and they choose DK's Treetop Temple as the board. Anthony explains the rules of the game to Ian as it is Anthony's turn to start.

The first minigame is a 1-Vs.-3 minigames called "Power Trip", in which one player (Ian) drives a hovercraft and attempts to run down the other three in 30 seconds. Soon after the minigame starts, Ian drives into Anthony and Mario, much to his surprise. Ian soon gets Luigi as well, winning the minigame. When it is his turn to roll the dice, Ian uses the Bowlo Candy, which grants him ten coins from anyone he passes. The next minigame is called "Lean, Mean Ravine", a 2-Vs.-2 minigame in which two teams of two race each other while avoiding water jets. Ian and Anthony are on a team together against Mario and Luigi. Because they share a car, they have difficulty coordinating steering, but they win anyway.

It is Ian's turn and he rolls a 9. He manages to purchase it despite Anthony's attempts to stop him, which he brags about. Ian manages to get another star before they begin another minigame: "Boo-ting Gallery", a 2-Vs.-2 minigame in which players are in a mansion, attempting to kill a Red Boo, which Ian wins. Later, Donkey Kong appears on his board and throws Mario to a Star Space, which he buys. Anthony also buys a star and also sends monkeys on barrels after Ian, whose character is sent running away to Anthony's spot. It is Ian's turn and he lands on Duel Space, and he and Mario face off in a Duel minigame called "Cardiators", in which players take turns selecting cards that launch attacks at the other and the first one to lose all their health loses.

When the minigame starts, Ian draws a Thwomp, depleting Mario's health by half. Mario pulls a Chain Chomp, which depletes three-fifths of his health. Ian draws a penguin, which only depletes Mario's health by one bar. Later, Ian has one bar of health and Mario has three bars of health. Ian draws a Wiggler, which depletes the rest of Mario's health, thus winning Ian the minigame. The next minigame is a 2-Vs.-2 minigame called "Grabby Gridiron", in which players catch and throw balls into the goal that matches their team color. Yet again, Ian wins.

It is now the Final 5 Turns. Ian rolls a 1, landing him on a green ? space. He gets eaten by a Piranha Plant, losing him ten coins. The next minigame is a 1-Vs.-3 minigame called "Swervin' Skies", in which one player tries to shoot the other three down by hitting the two targets on each aircraft. Anthony quickly shoots Ian down, much to the latter's surprise, and shoots down Mario, but fails to finish off Luigi. On the next round of turns, Anthony and Mario both buy Stars. Anthony uses a Slowgo Candy, which lets the player hit a slow-moving Dice Block with 1-5 on it instead of 1-10, in the hopes of getting a nearby Star. Anthony rolls a 4 due to Ian messing with him, much to his annoyance, and Anthony lands on a green ? space and loses 10 coins

Ian pays 5 coins to use the DK Barrel Cannon, sending him in a different location. They play a 2-Vs.-2 minigame called "Sugar Rush", in which players recreate the sample cake by moving toppings to the right spots; first team to get two cakes complete first wins. Mario and Luigi win both rounds.

In the finale, Stars are awarded to players for different accomplishments. The Minigame Star, awarded to whoever collected the most coins in minigames, is awarded to Anthony. The Candy Star, awarded to whoever consumed the most Candy, is awarded to Mario. The ultimate winner is Anthony. While recapping the episode, Anthony proclaims that he is a "badass".

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