Maria 2
Maria is a main character in the Smosh Games animated webseries 16-Bit High. She is the daughter of Mario and is voiced by YouTuber Hannah Hart.

Personality and Powers

Maria seems have a calm personality most of the time, but she becomes angry sometimes, as in 'POKEMON SLAVE RING', when she challenged Yoshi to a Pokémon battle. She also has been seem to have her father's powers, when she broke a school wall to get her "lunch money" (coins). When a teacher complained with her, she apologized and said that she's just used to do it that way.


Mega Kid

(2014 - present; Good Friend)

Mega Kid and Maria are shown to be friends, as in 'POWER UPS ARE BAD' they are seem having lunch together, and in 'METAL GEAR ALCOHOLIC' Maria calls Mega Kid when she realizes that he is late for the test. However, in 'POKEMON SLAVE RING', Maria and Jimmy make Mega Kid fight a giant pokemonster, causing Mega Kid to scream at them angrily.

Princess Epona


(2014 - present; Good Friend or Best Friend)

Epona and Maria seems to be really good friends. In 'ZELDA'S FOURTH TRIFORCE' she said that they were friends since they were little kids, and even after realizing that she was really "a b*tch", she stayed her friend and they are often seem together. However, in 'POKEMON SLAVE RING', a little tension was seem between the two of them because Epona was making pokemonsters fight like slaves and Maria was strongly against it.


(2014 - present; Enemy)

In 'POKEMON SLAVE RING', when Maria said that Epona and Jimmy were criminals, he appeared and told her to look in the mirror. He asked her how many babies one had to rescue before he snapped, and how many cliffs can one fall off when he's being used as a double-jump, both refering to her father, Mario. After that, Maria challenged Yoshi to a Pokémon battle, when she used Mega Kid against Yoshi's Charagon, and won. Yoshi then disappeared in a small tornado he summoned by playing a flute.


Tanooki Maria

When Epona threw a Tanooki suit at Maria she became Tanooki Maria. She would uncontrollably turn into the statue form and then back to the racoon form.

Small Maria

When Mega Kid hit Tanooki Maria, she became Small Maria.