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Mari's house was initally the only building in Mari's Land.

Mari's Land[1] was the area that the Smosh Games crew lived in during episodes of Maricraft until they switched worlds.

The area itself was composed of a field with a large, multi-story house with a few notable features such as a lava pool, a dirt tower for far-away view, and a couple of small ponds. The area was surrounded by a large forest and small mountains. After its destruction, the only remains of it was a water fountain (dubbed the "water penis" by the Maricraft crew) which was turned into a statue of the Smosh Games logo, with the fountain being used as the joystick.[2]


Mari's house

Mari's house was a wooden plank house built by Mari and Lasercorn. The two lived in it until Lasercorn moved out and into Lazertown, later renamed Lasercornia. The house itself served for living and storage and had three floors. All floors were had windows and were illuminated by torches, as well as having a double chest, furnace, and crafting table. The middle floor had a large window, taking up the entire wall and sticking out over the ground, serving as a bedroom for Mari. The middle floor also had a balcony in the front. The top floor had a smaller balcony above its larger counterpart, and served as Laserorn's bedroom until he moved out, later becoming Wes's room. Its purpose afterward is unknown.

The front yard of the house had flowers and a small


Construction of the house

The construction of the house began in the episode Playing House in Minecraft. Mari started construction of the base while Lasercorn gathered more wood. Mari continued building the house itself while Lasercorn filled in the holes with dirt to mark what would later become the windows once they made glass. Mari cleared the floor of dirt and replaced it with wood until she ran out, improvising the hole in the center as what was planned to be a fire pit but was instead turned into a water tank. The morning after construction began, Mari and Lasercorn made their way in the field to kill off remaining mobs and Lasercorn accidentally caused two creepers to explode, creating a large crater in the ground. It is unknown if this was ever repaired.

While exploring the surrounding forest, gathering wood and other supplies, Lasercorn spotted the sun getting low in the sky and the two headed back to the house, temporarily separated from each other. They made it back soon, but were attacked by spiders on their way back to the area. As Lasercorn battled the spiders, Mari ran to the house but was attacked by another spider in the house. The duo quickly killed the spiders and went to bed, and the next morning Lasercorn went to kill an enderman. As he fought it, he noticed a sheep accidentally wander into the lava pit and decided to fence it off to prevent further accidents. Meanwhile, Mari was starting the second floor. The next morning, Lasercorn built the aforementioned tower so they could see the house's location from far away if they end up getting lost. He jumped off into water despite Mari's objections, but came out undamaged as water in Minecraft breaks falls with no damage. After falling off, Lasercorn saw a sheep on the dirt barrier surrounding the lava pit and built it higher.

Mari started replacing the dirt in the house walls with glass while Lasercorn continued getting supplies. When the night fell, Lasercorn was temporarily lost until he saw his tower and was impressed at what Mari did to the house.

By the time the next episode, the house had been finished, with most of the added things being placed by Mari, who according to Lasercorn had been "playing [Minecraft] like crack". Lasercorn moved his bedroom to the third floor, leaving the first floor as a sort of common room


  • Mari mentioned on Twitter that she had built a mansion on a different server, which she could not transfer it between servers. It is unknown whether this was done on Xbox or PC.[3]

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