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September 28, 2007

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The Haunting

Male Model is a Smosh video uploaded on September 28, 2007.

Brief Synopsis: Anthony steals Ian's lifelong dream when he's accepted by a fancy male modeling agency. His success threatens to destroy their friendship forever as Ian runs away from home and spirals into a Spagetti-O's-fueled nightmare on the streets.


Anthony opens his mailbox, takes out an envelope, rips it open, and reads the paper inside. Excitedly, he calls Ian and tells him that he got accepted into Blazing Bodies Modeling Agency. Ian responds not as enthusiastically, saying that Anthony becoming a model is just, "cool." He asks when Anthony is supposed to start, and Anthony checks the paper. He says, "Tomorrow!"

Anthony brings his bag into the kitchen and him and Ian sit down at the table. Ian says, "I can't believe you're leaving today." Anthony says he can't believe it either, but that becoming a model is going to be awesome. Ian then says that he'll be right back, and then runs out of the room. When he comes back in, he is wearing skinny jeans and an open jacket, with no shirt underneath. He turns on some music, and walks around the kitchen in a catwalk-type fashion. He turns around, flips his hair, and lets it blow in the wind. Anthony asks him what he's doing, and Ian responds, "Oh, just practicing for the catwalk. You want something to drink?" Anthony asks for some water, and Ian turns the music back on. He walks to the sink in the same manner as before, and fills Anthony's cup as his hair blows in the wind again. He sets the cup on the table in front of Anthony, and it splashes on his shirt. Ian then asks if Anthony can refer him to Blazing Bodies. Anthony is hesitant, and says that he just got the job, and he doesn't know if he can make those kinds of requests yet. Ian says, "Fine!" and sits down across from Anthony. He scoots the boombox towards him, and presses play. Anthony presses stop, and tells Ian that he's not cut out to be a model. Ian reacts angrily, saying that he has wanted to be a model his whole life, and that Anthony crushed his dreams. He then runs into his room crying.

Anthony knocks on the door and asks if everything's ok. Ian says sarcastically, "Yeah, everything's fine, except MY WORLD IS FALLING APART!" Anthony tries to apologize, but Ian tells him to leave and never come back, so he does. After a moment, Ian runs out of his room, but comes back to take a picture of Fabio off of his door. He then goes into the kitchen, takes a bunch of food out of the pantry, and puts it in his backpack. Ian's mom is talking on the phone about Ian cooking dinner the previous night and burning the chicken, and asks him what he's doing. Ian responds, "I don't belong in this world! I'm running away, and never coming back!" His mom goes back to her phone call and tells whoever's on the other end that Ian just moved out. She then says, "It's about time."

Ian starts his journey on the road, and walks behind a dumpster. Tired out and hungry, he leans against the side of a building and takes out a can of Spaghetti-O's. He then drinks it, at first being disgusted, but then delighted.

At the same time, Anthony is at his new job, signing a contract.

Three weeks later, Ian is still sitting at the side of the same building, looking raggedy and surrounded by empty cans of Spaghetti-O's. A man puts a dollar in the can in Ian's hand, and Ian becomes happy.

Anthony is at a photo shoot, posing for advertisements:

WhiteyWear: "White is the new black, except it's whiter."

GlideWetsuits: "Swim."

Jockers: "When you're on the go, you'll be thankful you had Jockers."

Ian is now on the street, holding a sign that says, "Need $$$ 4 SpagetiOs, God Bless."

Anthony is lying on his bed, surrounded with money. He buys a private jet and a Lamborghini.

Shown in a series of snapshots, Ian begs for money from a random bystander, but he refuses. Ian throws his Spaghetti-O's can at him, and the man beats him up. The snapshots end, and Ian pulls out his picture of Fabio and says, "Fabio, I've failed you!" The picture of Fabio responds: "You have not failed me, my child. You have simply lost direction." Ian says that Anthony told him he's never be a model, but Fabio says, "To give up on modeling is to give up on hope. Follow your dreams, and you'll find your true meaning in life." Ian, finally motivated, sets off to follow his dreams, but comes back to take the money out of his Spaghetti-O's can. He is walking down the sidewalk when he hears a man telling Anthony to be a little piggy squealing in the mud. He walks into the building, only to find Anthony, and a man in a pink shirt taking pictures of him. The photographer asks Anthony is he knows Ian, and Anthony says, "I used to." The photographer walks over to Ian, who has torn pants, spaghetti sauce all over his face, and messy hair, and says that he's "The essence of human life." He then offers Ian a job as a model, which Ian accepts.


  • Ian's ringtone is the Barney and Friends theme song, a.k.a. Yankee Doodle.
  • Every single picture in Ian's room is of Fabio, except for one on his door that is of Pedobear that later changes to Bill Cosby.
  • When Ian returns to the kitchen dressed as a male model, the Easy Step is seen in the other room.
  • When Ian gets beat up by the random bystander, he is sitting outside Dairy Queen.
  • The picture of Fabio was voiced by Ian.
  • Anthony's photographer was played by Bryan Yang, the guy who played Phuong in the two previous videos.

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