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August 26, 2011

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MAKEUP FOR MEN is thirty-fourth episode of Smosh Season 2011, uploaded on August 26, 2011.


Do you want to look good like women do but still want to be manly? Harry Mandichz tells us about Makeup For Men, the makeup that lets men look their best while still being manly.

The Infomercial

An infomercial spokesperson, champion bear wrestler Harry Mandichz, says that women have used makeup to maintain the upper hand on looking good for thousands of years. For example, a caveman tries to hit on a cavewoman, but she thinks that he's gross looking. Mandichz thinks that it is time for the men to have a chance with the new product: Makeup For Men! In the past, men wearing makeup had always been "kinda fruity," because they had been wearing women's makeup.  A random man wearing women's makeup is chastized by a random fist (likely Harry's) flying in from out of frame to punch him in the face ("FRUITY!").  Makeup for Men is then demonstrated on Ian and the random fist flies in from off-screen to turn into a thumbs-up ("MAN-TASTIC!").

Mandichz says that women look "super ugly" without makeup and men do too, before introducing the ULTIMATE MAN ESSENTIALS PACK! The pack comes with tools needed for men to be beautiful as Anthony wears them to demonstrate:

  • Blemish Assassin Powder
  • Eye-Lid Sexifier
  • Face Burner
  • Enhanced Eyelash Augments
  • Blush
  • Bone Structure Intensifier
  • Cosmic Explosion Powder ("It's not glitter! Glitter's for little girls!")

Mandichz then adds that the man should add in a v-neck shirt, tease up their hair and wear a boa. Mandichz then says that if Makeup for Men won't get you hot chicks and make you look awesome, then listen to a guy who loves hot chicks named Sebastian Lisperson (Ian). Sebastian says that he has a hard time getting the hot chicks away from him ever since he started using Makeup for Men. His partner John (Anthony) agrees before the two stare at each other lustfully, until Sebastian stops and asks if they should get hot chicks, in which John shouts, "Yeah!" ("MANROTIC!")

For all the UFC fans, Mandichz introduces a special one for the UFC Fans: Chuck Liddel's Makeup for Men! Cover up the bruises with Chuck Liddel's Bruise Buster and then use Sparkle Smack! ("The Sparkle Smack is not glitter!") Mandichz then says that some of us don't have the muscles for a real fighter, but that doesn't mean we can't look like one! Adrian Hecox-Hendrix is then provided with Chuck Liddel's Muscle Pen! Harry explains "Now you can use it to draw abs, pecs, biceps and more!" as Adrian demonstrates this by drawing "muscles" on his abs, pecs, biceps and something on his penis. Harry concludes, "Now all the chicks will be clamoring over your new-found bulk and we don't mean the one in your pants... Or do we?"

Mandichz says that if you don't believe these products will work for you, "GO F*** YOURSELVES!"


  • Vault-Boy, from the Fallout games series, can be seen on the lower left corner when Anthony tries on Makeup for Men.
  • The order information can only be seen in the Extras for this video and just like all the other infomercials, the order information in the bottom of the screen have NO real relation to Makeup for Men.
  • The spokesperson's name (Harry Mandichz) is a pun on "hairy man dicks".
  • Before the video ends, Harry's matted background is upside-down
  • When lan puts on the Make-Up for men "Muscle Pen", lan's wearing an outfit similar to Adrian Hecox-Hendrix, who then reappears in 15 HOUR ENERGY!

Subscription Ending

"Thanks for subscribing! Huh, this lipstick looks good on me! All the better to kiss you with tonight."

Shut Up! Opening

"I cannot go outside without makeup! SHUT UP!"



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