Mailtime with Smosh is a side series on Smosh is Bored, where Ian and Anthony open mail from their fans. It ceased production in June 2017 after Anthony departed from Smosh and now the Smosh Squad or Smosh Games team occasionally open mail.

The title of all their videos since "Deadly cookies" have ended with "in our mail" (other than A Very Nasty Mailtime!). Most of their fans send them fan made drawings or creations, but some send them actual objects, such as grass, hair, food, toys, underwear, and even teeth. At the end of each video, either Ian or Anthony dies, which has been a running gag since "Curious George and Anthrax."

Originally, episodes were put out very often. From 2015 to March 2017, episodes were put out very rarely and the same occurred with their other side series Lunchtime with Smosh.


  1. Curious George and Anthrax
  2. I Survived Anthrax!
  3. Deadly Cookies!
  4. Creepy Nurse in My Mail?
  5. Sexy Underwear in the Mail!
  6. More Anthrax in Our Mail?!
  7. Government Secrets in Our Mail!
  8. Teeth in Our Mail?!
  9. Norwegian Food SUCKS!
  10. Hot Swedish Babes in Our Mail!
  11. Prostitution Money in Our Mail?!
  12. Bieber Zombie in Our Mail!
  13. Cancer in My Mail!
  14. Possessed Doll in Our Mail?!
  15. $1,000,000 in Our Mail!
  16. My Long Lost Uncle!
  17. Boobs in Our Mail!!!
  18. Thongs in Our Mail?!
  19. Singing Priest in Our Mail?!
  20. Creepy Pokemon in My Mail?!
  21. Obama Condoms in Our Mail?!
  22. Super Hot Barbie in Our Mail?!
  23. Nekkid Girl in Our Mail?!
  24. Polar Bears in Our Mail?!
  25. Sexy Sax in Our Mail?!
  26. Hardcore Pokemon Battle in Our Mail!
  27. Ash Ketchum in Our Mail!?
  28. Our Dream Girls in Our Mail!
  29. Trillions of Dollars in Our Mail?!
  30. Creepy Makeout Pics in Our Mail?!
  31. I Look Like Obama?!
  32. Amberlamps in Our Mail!
  33. Guinea Pig Boat in Our Mail!?
  34. Creepy Puppets in Our Mail!
  35. Axe Murderer in Our Mail!
  36. Nyan Cat Battle in Our Mail?!
  37. Evil Cupcake in Our Mail!
  38. Babies Everywhere in Our Mail!
  39. Real Mario Karts in Our Mail?!
  40. Epic Fanny Pack in Our Mail!
  41. Fabio in Our Mail?!
  42. Super Cool Pogs in Our Mail
  43. Frodo in Our Mail?!
  44. Biggest Burger Ever in Our Mail?!
  45. Guinea Pig Porn in Our Mail?!
  46. Sexxxy Leotards in Our Mail!
  47. Genius Cats in Our Mail!
  48. Pedobear in Our Mail?!
  49. Yo Mama in Our Mail!
  50. Sexy Train Conductors in Our Mail?!
  51. Baby Arms in Our Mail?!
  52. Stripper Clothes in Our Mail?!
  53. Fucking Silly Bands in Our Mail!
  54. Breasteses in Our Mail!
  55. Party Bras in Our Mail!
  56. 'Special' People in Our Mail!
  57. Mysterious Goo in Our Mail!
  58. Centipede Jelly Beans in Our Mail!
  59. Kristen Stewart in Our Mail!
  60. Creepy Duck in Our Mail!
  61. Mutant Pikachu in Our Mail!
  62. Bazooka in Our Mail!
  63. Sexy Unicorn in Our Mail!
  64. Dramatic Cat in Our Mail!
  65. Ugliest Pikachu In Our Mail
  66. Orgy Face in Our Mail
  67. Pikachu Does Acid in Our Mail!
  68. Special Eyes In Our Mail
  69. Dirty Gurls in Our Mail
  70. Kangaroo Arms in Our Mail
  71. Pickle Mints in Our Mail
  72. Bacon Sharks in Our Mail
  73. Unicorn Meat in Our Mail
  74. Pikachu Skins in Our Mail!
  75. Axe Fight!
  76. Anthony's Been Kidnapped!
  77. Real Aliens in Our Mail!
  78. Honey Boo Boo in Our Mail?!
  79. Illuminati Secrets in Our Mail?!
  80. Dead Fish in Our Mail!
  81. A Very Nasty Mailtime!
  82. Boobs in Our Mail!
  83. SMOSH SQUAD MAILTIME! (Squad Vlogs)

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  • I Survived Anthrax! and CREEPY NURSE IN MY MAIL? are the only videos that neither Ian and Anthony died.
    • As mentioned at the top, in every episode, either lan or Anthony dies, which has been a running gag since "Curious George and Anthrax."
  • Some of the mail received is used in the main Smosh videos. These include the voodoo dolls, the Game Boy Color with Pokemon Blue, the nipple ball, and the Death Note.
  • In Yo Mama in Our Mail!, Anthony says he is Herman Doohickey. This is also what he said at the end of the REJECTED VIDEOS! bloopers.