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July 12, 2013 (Smosh)
July 14, 2013 (El Smosh)

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Paul, Paulie, girl, Asian man, homeless man, Griffin the dog

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Paul and Paulie sell their new product, Magic Wipes.


Paul (Ian) spills milk on the floor and says that there is no way to get the stain out. Paulie (Anthony) says it can go away with some magic, but says it in a chatter voice due to his headgear/braces.

When Paul and Paulie introduce each other, Paul wants Paulie to try again because he thinks no one can understand what he is saying.  On the second take, Paul doesn't like how Paulie says his line again. On the third take, Paulie introduces "P Brothers Magic Wipes."  Paul responds by saying, "Good enough, man.  Good enough."

For the first demonstration, Paul spills two percent milk on the floor and the brothers show that they can clean the spill.  For the second demonstration, Paul cleans a stained shirt with a wipe and Paulie is amazed.  For the third, Paulie places his hand on the window leaving prints on it and Paul cleans the prints with a wipe.  Paul asks Paulie what was on his hand.  Paulie explains that the stain is buttered popcorn and asks if Paul wants to smell it.

For the fourth, Paulie says something about the wipe going into his hot girlfriend's mouth even though the girl isn't his girlfriend.  Paulie wipes the girl and she turns into a taller Asian guy.  For the fifth, Paul says the product is good for dog hair and cleans a dog.  Paulie says that "you can teach an old dog new fur" which makes no sense.  For the sixth, Paulie tries to use the wipe on a homeless man's teeth, but the wipe makes him suffocate, which tells us that you can't put "Magic Wipes" in your mouth.  For the seventh, Paul says that they can be used on an Asian man's butt.  The Asian man is confused and appalled, but Paul suddenly bends him over and uses the wipe on the Asian man's butt. Paulie says that his butt is "clean as a baby's leg."

For the eighth and final demonstration, they try to prove that "Magic Wipes" can even clean up "the bigger stains" (i.e.-oil, a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon, and blood).  But when they clean up the stains, they are unsuccessful. Paulie tries to help, but it still doesn't work and gets worse.  Paul asks his brother what to do since they know their father will kill them when he gets home.  He suggests covering it with other stains, such as raisins, chocolate milk, honey, a piece of chocolate cake, scraps of paper, dust, and styrofoam containers with a banana peel.  Paulie and Paul try cleaning up the stain again, but they are still unsuccessful.  Paul says he and Paulie are "super-f***ed," but just then Paulie finds two lit candles near the wipes and knocks one over burning the carpet. Paul thinks this is a good idea because "no one will know there's a mess if the house burns down."  Paul and Paulie then explain that the product is good for cleaning fingerprints and erasing criminal evidence, but that they can't help escape you from a burning building.  As the house still burns down, they are both trapped in a corner of the house.

A choir sings, "If cleanup stains might take your life, put the best to the test!  They're Magic Wipes!"  Finally, the announcer says that the product doesn't work.  Ever.


Magic Wipes/Script



  • The new Smosh Magazine reveals many behind the scenes secrets of this video.
    • According to the Smosh Magazine, the script was actually written four months prior to the video's upload. They wrote it because their landlord wanted to change the entire carpet of the Smosh house and replace it with tile, inspiring them to write the video's script as an excuse to destroy the carpet before it gets replaced. However, the landlord never switched out the carpet. Four months later, the props manager had old carpet for them to use.
  • This was dubbed by the viewers as the worst Smosh episode made, claiming that Smosh is running out of ideas and that the older days were better. Despite all that, the video got over 5 million views and has more likes than dislikes (110,288 likes/ 12,722 dislikes, as of 7/7/14).
  • This is the 5th time a character in Smosh spoke with a British accent, the first was Life as Ghosts from 2008.
  • In the scene where Paul and Paulie spill many stains on the carpet, Paulie (Anthony) is not wearing shoes, when he was earlier in the video.
  • The ending says the product is tested from endangered animals, which is illegal due to the government trying to protect endangered species.
  • This episode was released the same day as the 5th Gameplay Trailer of Pokemon X and Y and the revealing of Captain Olimar in Super Smash Bros. on Wii U

Shut Up! Opening

(slight pause) As seen on TV. SHUT UP!

Subscription Ending

Paulie: Thanks for subscribing!

Paul: Damn it Paulie, no one can understand you! He's trying to say, "Thanks for subscribing."

Paulie: Okay.



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