"Oh yeah? Well, I can type seventy-five words per minute! SHUT UP!"
Magic Keyboard!
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May 4, 2012 (Smosh)
May 6, 2012 (El Smosh)

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Anthony, Ian, Hot Chick

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MAGIC KEYBOARD! is a Smosh video uploaded on May 4, 2012.


While trying to find his car keys under Ian's large pile of trash, Anthony finds a magical keyboard that allows him to twist reality up through the use of keyboard shortcuts, but he later discovers his powers' horrific downfall and soon will come to an end.


Anthony complains that he's having trouble finding his car keys under a huge pile of trash inside the house. However, Ian argues that the items aren't trash and that each and every one of them have a purpose. Anthony then spots a keyboard and picks it up. Curious, he inputs Ctrl+F, which brings up the find menu. Anthony types in "Car Keys" and sure enough, the keys are highlighted to show Anthony where they are.

Ian scolds Anthony for messing with his stuff. Anthony retaliates by pressing Ctrl+A, which selects all the trash in the house and presses delete, which deletes all the trash that is highlighted. Ian cries after seeing all his trash being deleted. Seeing how much the keyboard can bend reality, Anthony takes out a dollar bill and presses Ctrl+C, which copies the dollar and then Ctrl+V, which pastes it. Anthony does this several times until he gets a nice pile of one dollar bills. Ian gets excited and is about to go get to the money, when he suddenly trips on the table. Anthony finds this funny, so he presses Ctrl+Z to undo, which resets to the exact moment Ian fell. He does this numerous times.

Ian gets excited and suggests many things Anthony can do with the keyboard. However, Anthony doesn't want to hear Ian's suggestions, so he plays some music to try to drown Ian out. It doesn't work, so he turns up the volume, which partially works. Anthony presses Ctrl+H to bring up the Find and Replace tool, which has him replace Ian which a hot chick. Despite his objections, Ian disappears and a hot girl is put in his place. Anthony decides to take the girl out.

However, when the two leave the house, Anthony is displeased with his car. So he uses the Find and Replace tool to replace his "crappy car" with a Ferrari F430. As soon as they get in the Ferrari, Anthony tells the girl that he loves her. The girl says that she loves Anthony also, but much to his horror, she speaks with Ian's voice. The girl denies having Ian's voice and demands Anthony to kiss her. Anthony tries to undo, but it only takes him back to the point where the girl says, "Shut up and kiss me already!" Anthony tries again, in hopes of taking him back further, only to find that not only is it still undoing to the same point, but Anthony can't undo any further. Anthony presses Ctrl+Alt+Delete in hopes of closing, but this causes reality to force shut down.

Anthony finds himself in a white void, complaining about what just happened. He says that he'll just open up his previous save file. However, when he tries to open one up, the menu tells him that he never made a save point. Anthony realizes in horror that he forgot to save his past moments, and he falls to his knees and screams, "I ALWAYS FORGET TO SAVE!!!" before the void zooms out to be one of the letters in the Windows Blue Screen of Death, respectively the period after the word computer.


Magic Keyboard!/Script


  • At 3:08, the Windows Blue Screen of Death appears. If you pause the video, you'll see that it is an error code along with a message from Ian and Anthony. It says "We didn't add anything funny here, so unpause the video, dumba**."
  • The song that Anthony plays (starting at 1:28) is Bangalore Train by Eric Goldman and Zederic Kelly
  • Ian and Anthony borrowed a Ferrari from a business man in Sacramento.
  • To bring up the Find and Replace tool that Anthony used, one would have to press Ctrl+H, but this only works with text document programs, such as Microsoft Word and Notepad.
  • This is another one of the shorter Smosh videos, 3:11 in video length.
  • According to the bloopers when Anthony revved the Ferrari's engine, the sound angered their neighbor who was sleeping.
  • The girl that replaces Ian appears to be taller than him. Ian is 5'8, so she must be 5'9. However, she could have been wearing heels or she could just naturally be taller. The average height of a woman is 5'4, so she could be 5 inches taller.
  • All the dollar bills that Anthony "copied" had different serial numbers.
  • In this video, the real world tends to be a Windows XP Computer.
  • The keyboard in the video was black, when the keyboard in the thumbnail was white.

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"Thanks for subscribing! I wonder what would happen if I clicked "find something that's three inches" and replaced it with "something that was eight inches"? Whoa-ooh! My phone is enormous now!"




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