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Position at Pork E. Pine's:

Cleaning crew

Portrayed by:

Cat Alter

Mads is a character from Part Timers played by Cat Alter.


She was introduced in the first episode Welcome to Pork E. Pine's. She is Pork E. Pine's janitor. Pete instantly falls in love with her and over the course of the series she develops romantic feelings for him in return.

Mads is somewhat nerdy and socially awkward. She was studying to be a nurse, but flunks out. She is also a goody-two-shoes and is more likely to follow the rules and actually get her job done, unlike the other employees.

Her tight braid is very much representative of her personality, in that she is straight and narrow and somewhat anal.

In the episode Breaking Mads, Mads loses control of herself after failing her nursing exam and becomes a sugar junkie.

Mads let her friend from high school eat E. Coli infected spinach because she was rude to her. Thus proving she is not so above pettiness as she likes to believe.

Despite being the most sensible employee, the other staff often ignore her good suggestions. Such as Ian, whom Mads tried to help become a better person in New Ian Sucks. Another example would be when she attempted to teach the rest of the staff first-aid, but was ignored in favour of Dinger's self defense demonstrations.

Relationship With Other Characters


In the first episode Pete accidentally eats hallucinogenic mushrooms and hallucinates making out with her, when in reality he is making out with a mop with Mads' retainer stuck to it. The rest of the Pork E. Pines' staff walks in on this, and Mads is creeped out. Over the course of season 1 Pete attempts to get Mads to notice him romantically, which Mads initially rejects or doesn't notice. In Guy vs. Dead Guy Mads realizes she may be developing an attraction to Pete, which makes her uncomfortable. This causes her to declare she and Pete "friend-birds" when pressed by Arnie's daughter. Pete accepts this but over the course of the rest of the first season and the second season, Mads begins having sexual fantasies about Pete and eventually realizes she's fallen in love with him.

They start a relationship in First Kiss Fail but it comes to a sudden end when she is hit by a car and dies.


Mads and Ella are on friendly terms. However in Hobophobic Mads agrees to let Ella stay with her for a while. Ella's increasing invasions of Mads' personal space cause tension and eventually Mads takes back her offer. The two do make up by the end of the episode however. Ella's antics in this episode also lead Anton to believe the two were in a lesbian relationship.


Lori is Mads' boss. Mads is her favourite employee because she actually did her job. For this reason, she demands Ian show more respect at Mads' funeral.


In the second last episode, First Kiss Fail, Mads falls off the roof of Pork E. Pines' while attempting to rip a fake beard off of Pete's face. She survives the fall, but second later she is hit by a car and dies.

In the next episode, she comes back as a ghost to haunt Pork E. Pines. Pete eventually sets her soul free by having sex with her, thus resolving her unfinished business.

As a ghost she had the ability to make the staff do the wave by pulling on her braid. When she descends she proves her spirit is still with them by doing this.

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