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September 27, 2013 (Smosh)
September 29, 2013 (El Smosh)

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Anthony, Ian, Ian's mom, Javier, twerking girls, burglar

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MY TWERKING ADDICTION is a Smosh video uploaded on September 27th, 2013 about Anthony being addicted to twerking and the second installment of the "Addicted" series.


In this episode of My Strange Addiction, we cover a man (Anthony) who can't stop twerking.


In My Strange Addiction, Anthony tells the viewers about picking the right shorts being important saying to get ones tight enough to show off their assets while also being loose enough to twerk which he was doing while playing music. The narrator, says that twerking is sweeping nation at a rate of three people per second thinking that's almost fifteen people per hour.

Ian is worried about Anthony's addiction and has come to the studio for help. A scene is showing Ian while walking his stuffed Pikachu. Ian said that he got into twerking when seeing Hannah Montana doing it and hasn't stopped since. The camera turned to Anthony which he said that he's better at twerking than Hannah and rarely does it. He gets up thinking it's so lame, but he still twerks and causes his butt to knock the chair down. The narrator says that Anthony twerks for ten hours a day thinking it's almost 30 hours a week and says that working in a retail store for thirty hours can have you buy enough baked beans to last two years.

Ian says that it gotten so bad that he can't get a job. Ian said that Anthony just twerks wherever he goes, in which Ian tries to stop him by saying that it was a month out of style, but Anthony wouldn't listen. Anthony's previous occupations included a birthday clown, in which he got fired due to twerking to a lot of children, and at a funeral home, in which he lost his job due to twerking without his pants on the coffin. Anthony also had an occupation of a lifeguard, but got fired due to twerking by the pool instead of saving a drowning man. Ian says that Anthony's hurting people but Anthony thought he quit those jobs he doesn't want to twerk there anymore. Ian questions about the twerking part which Anthony thought that he said working and says that he just needs his crew. The narrator says that Anthony has started his own twerking crew and got and that the video Twerk Out has amassed an impressive 15 views on YouTube. He shows the video which is mostly about Anthony and the girls twerking.

Ian said that Anthony wants to be the best twerker in the world and will do anything to be the world's best twerker. Anthony is seen taking butt steroids while twerking. Ian thinks that twerking will eventually kill him. The narrator said that Anthony drinks five hundred fluid ounces of Twerk Juice a day thinking it's equivalent to a pool Michael Phelps swims in. He even mentioned that Michael's abs turned him on.

To help with the intervention, Ian has brought the only woman in Anthony's life that cares for her. A scene is shown of Ian's Mom carrying a gun while riding a scooter with smoke behind her, meaning that she is escaping from a shootout. Ian's mom (Has a bowl-haired son) says that Ian (Has a bowl-haircut) wants Anthony to stop twerking even though she thinks it's cool and doesn't feel like supporting it. Ian thinks it's some Internet fad that needs to die in a fire, but his mother thought Ian was just a little "peanut butter and jelly". The narrator says that Ian thinks it's time to confront Anthony face-to-face and adds that sometimes faces have muscle and skin on them.

In the living room, Ian thinks Anthony has a twerking problem, telling Anthony to stop. Anthony thinks it's a hobby, but Ian believes it's ruining Anthony's life. Ian's mom wants Anthony to teach her how to twerk, but Ian wants to make a point. All of sudden, Ian starts choking from an apple. Anthony wants to call the amber lamps, but Ian's mom doesn't feel like to due to belif in Darwinism. Anthony tries to help Ian by twerking on Ian to funky music. Anthony's butt kept hitting Ian's chest until he dislodges the apple from his throat. Ian was surprised that twerking saved his life and even thought that Anthony was the best twerker although he doesn't believe in the addiction. After Ian and Anthony a combination of a high-five and long handshake, Ian's mother told the audience that she wished Anthony didn't save her son. Anthony thought of twerking only to do good which Ian encouraged him to save lives. Anthony even said that he wouldn't let Ian down, gave a thumbs up, and did a little twerking before he left.

Two days later, Anthony intervened in an armed burglary. After the burglar and Javier got out of the bank, Anthony tries to stop them by twerking, but a burglar shot him on the butt and they got away while Anthony screams in pain. The narrator said that Anthony was paralyzed from the waist down. Anthony was sitting in a wheelchair similar to Stephen Hawking. Anthony types in that he twerks out and even twerks on the chair while having the computer fall out of the wheelchair. Some people need a Twerking Intervention.

Twerk Out - Anthony & The Twerkettes

The My Twerking Addiction video is based around Anthony's Twerk Out video on YouTube. It is of Anthony and the Twerkettes twerking to funky music. An announcer explains that this video "has amassed an impressive 15 views on YouTube."


My Twerking Addiction/Script



  • My Strange Addiction and elements from it return from Addicted to Honey Boo Boo Child. Such elements as Ian, Anthony, and Ian's mom starring in My Strange Addiction, and one of the boys being addicted to something that gets worse over time.
    • Overall this is the second video of the "My Strange Addiction" series.
  • Ian and Anthony both mistake Miley Cyrus for her Pop Star/Disney Channel alter ego, Hannah Montana.
  • When Ian and Anthony shake hands in agreement, a poster behind them has large-scaled Googly Eyes placed on it.
  • The Jewelery Store, seen at the end, was also used as the creeper's restaurant from 2012's SMOSH FOUND DEAD.
  • "Twerk Out-Anthony & the Twerkettes" is a real video, existing under the channel name AnthonyTwerks. Previous videos to feature this easter egg were the PissedOffDad1969 and Ianthecutecat channels from THAT'S HOT! and iPhone 5 REVEALED.
  • Anthony tells Ian's mom to "call an amberlamps". The mispronunciation of "ambulance" as "amberlamps" was previously used in 3D is AWESOME! and HOW TO COVER UP A MURDER.
  • The twerking video was 16 seconds long, but Smosh made it seem like 87 seconds in the video. They also made the video appear to have 15 views on YouTube.
  • Darwinism is about survival of the fittest. Ian's mom is actually saying that Ian choking won't make him fit in nature.
  • If one's twerking were to sweep a nation at 3 people per second, they would actually be sweeping 10,800 people per hour.
  • If Anthony twerked for 10 hours each day, he would be twerking for 70 hours a week as opposed to the narrator's 30 hours a week.
  • When Anthony is crying, he has mascara on his face.
  • When Anthony gets paralyzed from the waist down and sitting in the chair with a robot voice speaking, it is a reference to Stephen Hawking. However, this makes no sense as being paralyzed from the waist down does not affect your methods of speaking.

Shut Up! Opening

Hey boys, wanna hear me twerk? (slaps buttocks) Yeah. SHUT UP!

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Click the subscribe button to twerk out. Yeah, yeah. Sounds so boogie.



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