My Stupid Dying Grandpa
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February 22, 2013 (Smosh)
February 24, 2013 (El Smosh)

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Ian, Anthony, Ian's Grandpa, Cheryl Hecox, little girl, little girl's father, Barbara Streisand

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MY STUPID DYING GRANDPA! is the eighth episode of Season 2013 of Smosh that was uploaded on February 22, 2013.


Anthony helps Ian fulfill his grandpa's dying wish - to have his bucket list completed but Ian doesn't want to do them!


When Ian is excited to play outdoors with his blue kite on a "kite day," he finds it a surprise when is mother is standing outside with Ian's grandpa who is in a stretcher cart supposedly dying. Ian's Mom wants Ian to take care of his grandpa, although, he refuses to take him inside his house. After pushing the cart back-in-forth to who takes Ian's grandpa, Ian's mom yells "Not it!" and runs away leaving Ian to take care of his grandpa. He still refuses to take his grandpa in with him as he walks into his house alone.

The next morning, Ian wakes up. When he pours himself a mug of coffee and walks outside to retrieve his Sunday newspaper, he notices his grandpa still laying in the same spot for the entire night. Ian finally agrees to take him inside with him. Curious about what Ian is doing, Anthony asks him what is happening, as he explains to him. His grandpa holds out sheet of paper, that is soon to be discovered to be his bucket list. When noticing that thirty-one of the activities are not finished, Anthony suggests that Ian finishes the list for his grandpa, which is what he wanted.

When Ian and Anthony resolve the bucket list, the first thing is to "conquer your biggest fear." Ian reveals his biggest fear to being Aunt Jemima. Anthony asks him if he is afraid of syrup, but Ian corrects him and tells him that he is afraid of her. He utterly speaks how she just sits on the bottle smiling at him, and wherever he goes, he can feel her eyes "piercing his soul." Anthony pulls out a bottle of Aunt Jemima's syrup and forces Ian to kiss her to conquer his biggest fear. He finally does it and runs away crying. 

The next thing on the list is "steal candy from a little kid." Ian suspcts this to be easy quoting "Sweeet," and says that there was no pun intended. When Ian finally finds a little girl eating a cookie, Ian takes it out her hands and starts eating it. The girl's large and muscular father walks up and begans punching Ian in the face and throwing him into a pile of garbage.

As they finish the rest of the things on the list, scenes shown include Ian licking a doorknob, getting a tattoo saying "D**k butt," pouring two gallons of milk over himself, getting his nipple hair waxed, and where he is finally forced to eat cat litter. He grabs a handful of cat litter with cat feces in it, and he begans eating it with the scene cutting off quickly.

After returning to his grandpa, Ian furiously states how he finished the list and he hopes his grandpa is happy, throwing the paper down on the ground. They notice that his grandpa is finally "dead". Ian states how he thought his grandpa was a loser before the bucket list, and how he never really understood him until now. He also says he wished he could've spent more time with him, where he finally runs away. Anthony then yells "He totally fell for it!" with Ian's grandpa jerking up and laughing. Ian's mom pops up from behind a chair where they began discussing how it was all a big prank. Ian's grandpa then says how he has one more prank. The screen cuts to him in a coffin with Ian crying and visiting him saying how he was a great man. Ian's grandpa jerks up yelling to scare Ian where he is screaming in fright.

Alternate Scene

Ian starts prancing and running in his house with his blue kite singing "Gonna fly my kite, so high in the air! Gonna ki-kite! Kite in your hair!"

Deleted Scene

After being thrown into a pile of trash by a little girl's father, Anthony says how he has something on his mouth and begans pointing at his own mouth. After licking his lips, Anthony finally says that he got it. Anthony then stands over Ian saying "You are such a little bitch, get up!" with Ian refusing by saying "Nooo."

Alternate Ending

After the grandfather woke up from their prank, Ian returned asking Anthony what he was laughing about which Anthony said that his grandpa s**t himself. Ian thought he knew that his grandpa would do so, have Anthony high-five him, and told Anthony that he's cleaning it up which Anthony didn't want to and thought it was a good save.

25 Funny WTF Pictures You Can't Explain

Who knows what happens here?

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My Stupid Dying Grandpa!/Script



  • Appearently, the cat feces during the kitty litter scene is made of Almond Roca and root beer.
  • Wakes don't allow pranks for the respect of their religion.
  • This video points out that Ian is supposedly afraid of Aunt Jemima.
  • During the Aunt Jemima Scene, there are images of her that flash for a split second, one has Aunt Jemima in Groucho Marx Glasses and another has her eyes red and tearing out blood
  • The Bucket List said to take candy from a kid. Though Ian took a cookie from the kid.
  • Ian getting waxed might be a reference to Jovenshire getting waxed on Smosh Games for their million subscriber special that was released day after.

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