December 24, 2010

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Ian, Anthony, Erin, Furby

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MY NEW HOT GIRLFRIEND is an episode where Ian gets a new girlfriend and tries to find out what Anthony wants as a Christmas present.


While Anthony was watching TV, Ian introduced him to his new girlfriend Erin. However, Anthony tells Ian that he can't have a hot girlfriend, but Ian says that he obviously can. Ian then asks what Anthony wants for Christmas, but Anthony says that he does not want anything. Ian then goes into a dark room with a lamp. He starts writing on a diary and writes: "Dear diary, I know Anthony wants something for Christmas this year. Last year, he said he didn't care, and then he got super pissed at me when I didn't get him anything. Looks like I'm going to have to do some old-school investigating and find out what he really wants"

Ian goes up to Anthony and tells him that he has a friend that's a lot like Anthony, and that he wanted something for Christmas, so he wanted to hear what Anthony thinks he should get his "friend". However, Anthony gets suspicious, so he asked Ian what his "friend"'s name is. Ian, who replies nervously, says that his name is Anthon Lee, and that he's Chinese. But Anthony figured out that Anthon Lee was just a made-up person and that Ian was only trying to find out what Anthony wanted for Christmas, so he told Ian the same thing he said earlier. Ian then goes back in his dark room and writes: "How the hell did he know my motives?! He's smarter than I thought. Looks like I'll have to use for covert methods."

The scene goes back to Anthony reading a book, when Ian suddenly took out a gun, and forced Anthony to tell him what he wants for Christmas. However, instead of answering, Anthony gets a heart attack. Ian then goes back into his room and writes: "I couldn't get an answer out of Anthony before he suffered a minor heart attack. I should probably pay a visit to him at the hospital."

Anthony was at the hospital lying down on a bed, when Ian gave him a pot of flowers (with a hidden camera inside it), and left. He then goes back in the dark room and writes: "Yeah, Anthony totally took the thing. He doesn't even know I put a camera in the flower pot. He's stupider than I thought."

Suddenly, while Ian was looking at Anthony through the camera, he sees Erin entering the emergency room. She then gets on the bed, and she starts kissing with Anthony. While they were making out, Ian writes in his diary: "What's Erin doing there? No, no, what are they doing?! What are you doing, Erin?! No, nooooooooooooo! OOOOOHHHHHHHHH! This sucks!"

After Ian was done writing, Anthony gives him the finger and turns the camera off. Ian then writes again in his diary: "Anthony is so gay for making out with Erin. I'm going to--"

However, Ian abruptly stops writing when Anthony turns on the lights of the room and apologizes for making out with Erin. However, Ian tells him that he and Erin weren't really dating and that he was paying Erin so he could pose as Ian's girlfriend. However, when Anthony heard Ian say "him" and "he," he starts to get confused. So Ian told Anthony that Erin was a man and that he couldn't really afford a real girl. After he told the truth about Erin, Anthony went insane and started screaming until he fainted.

A few minutes later, Anthony is once again in the same hospital room he was in earlier. Ian comes in and gives Anthony a Furby as a Christmas present. However, Anthony got angry about it and told Ian to get out of the room, in which Ian did so. A few seconds later, Anthony takes out a diary and writes: "Captain's Log, starting 2010, Ian got me a Furby. Best Christmas EVER! Love, Anthony." When Anthony finished writing, the Furby suddenly spoke to him and called him a pussy for writing in a diary (saying, "Nice diary, PUSSY!"). Anthony then noticed the Furby talking to him and widened his eyes, frightened.

A few seconds later, the Furby got its own journal and wrote: "Dear diary, I'm sorry for making fun of you. I just--" The Furby abruptly stopped writing when Anthony saw it writing on the journal on its own. Anthony and the Furby stare at each other for a few seconds, and then Anthony's face turns into a Furby. He then says, "Cock-A-Doodle-Doo!" Then the screen goes black, but then it goes back real quick for Anthony to finish saying, "BITCH!" Then the screen goes black again.

Alternate Scene

Anthony iswalking in the hall until he sees Ian dreesed as Santa showing his underwear which Anthony wanted to know who he is. Ian answered that he is Santa which Anthony thought he is smoking crack and eating glue. Ian asked Anthony, "What is wrong with eating glue?" Anthony wanted to know why Santa is in his house, which Ian said that he wanted to know what he wants for Chirstmas and to sit on his lap. Anthony shot Ian which he revealed his identity and Anthony shot him again. Ian wanted to know why got shot the second time which Anthony said, "Liars never prosper." Ian thought the term was, "Cheaters never prosper.", but Anthony shot Ian again five times in a row.




  • This is an episode where a character says the word "BITCH!" out loud.
  • Anthony is slightly a little smarter than he usually is.
  • It is shown that since "Erin" is a guy his name is pronounced "Aaron"
  • Ian and Anthony called their diaries "logs" but the furby called it a diary, not a captain's log.

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