Ian's bedroom

(Ian is sleeping soundly)

Anthony: Wake up!

(Anthony shoots Ian in the leg)

Ian: *screams*

Anthony: Let's go, man. We're late for the charity walk!

Ian: Okay, hold on. I just gotta do my hair.

(Ian then combs his hair, then spraying it, drying it, ruffling it, and gluing it)

Ian: (showng his face) Ahh... It's perfect!

At the charity walk

(A gunshot shown)

Ian: Why are we doing this again?

Anthony: To help cure the fat kids.

Ian: For what?

Anthony: Being fat?

Random Guy #1: Nice hair, Anthony!

Anthony: Thanks.

Ian: Hey, what about me?

Random Guy #2: YOUR HAIR SUCKS!!

(Random Guy #2 throws can at Ian, hurting his head)

Random Girl #1: Oh my gosh, your hair is so hot! (approaches Anthony) Can I have your number?!

(Ian then proceeds, in black and white, Ian wins the walk)

Ian: Yeah!

(People cheer on Anthony and gave him medals)

Ian: Oh, what the frickin' frick?! What the hell, man?! How come I didn't get the medal?!

Anthony: It's the hair, man. This thing powers beyond your wildest dreams.

Random Women #1: Overreacting exploded!

Ian: How could nobody likes my hair?! *cries*

(Ian runs away)

Anthony: Later, loser!

Ian: I hate my stupid hair! If I have one wish, I'd trade hair with Anthony.

(Dead Charlie shows up)

Dead Charlie: You sure about that?

Ian: Charlie I thought you were dead.

Dead Charlie: I am. I'm a f**king ghost

Ian: Really?

Dead Charlie: Now stop it, you bloated poof!

Ian: Sorry.

Dead Charlie: So, you want to trade hair with Anthony?

Ian: More than anything in the world.

Dead Charlie: Kiss my ass.

Ian: What?

Dead Charlie: Kiss my ass, and you get your wish.

(Ian kisses Charlie's ass)

Ian: Something doesn't feel right, Charlie.

(Ian faints)

Back in Ian's bedroom

(Ian wakes up and finds his hair swapped)

Ian: It worked!

Anthony: *screams*

(Ian approaches Anthony)

Ian: Whats wrong? (looking at Anthony's new hair) Oh my god!

Anthony: What the hell did you do?!

Ian: I kissed Charlie's ass!

Anthony: What?! Well, you better kiss his ass and reverse this crap. My head looks a frickin' load of bread!

Ian: You know, I think its time you learn what its like to be an ugly abomination of mankind and I think it's time I did this.

(A woman comes comes and her ovaries explodes)

Random Women #1: But, I just got new ones!

Narrator: He never needs to use conditioner, his hair is known to predict earth quakes, if you stroke his hair you orgasm. He is the sexiest man in the world.

Ian: I don't know always flip hair. But when I do, I explode ovaries.

Random Women : Oooh I hate you so much

Bully : Look at the idiot's hair

Bully : Yeah let's givee him a wedgie

Anthony gets his pants pulled up and then he cries

Ian : So which one of you fine ladies wants to date me

Lady : We only like you for your hair

Lady : And since your hairs amazing everything about is dogs**t

Ian : No uh oh my god you still wanna date me right My eyes are down here Charlie I was wrong people only like me for my stupid emo hair I give anything to have my old hair back

Dead Charlie : I told you not to do it you f***in poof

Ian : Please Charlie you have to give me my old hair back

Dead Charlie : Fine but first kiss my ghost d**k

Ian : What

Dead Charlie : What you don't know how reverse wishes work

Gun Guy : That will teach you not to do inapproiate things to a guinea pigs ghost

Gun Guy : Now show me on the doll where the emo kid touched you

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