My New Emo Hair


July 6, 2012 (Smosh)
July 8, 2012 (El Smosh)

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Ian, Anthony, Charlie, PETA agents, other people

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MY NEW EMO HAIR! is a Smosh video uploaded on July 6, 2012.


Ian feels unworthy when he discovers that Anthony is liked more because of his hair, as opposed to Ian's bowl haircut. Charlie uses his ghostly powers to grant Ian's wish of swapping hairstyles with Anthony. Ian gains major popularity while Anthony loses his, but things take a turn when Ian tries to take his decision back.


Ian is sleeping soundly when Anthony comes in and wakes him up by shooting an arrow at his knee. Anthony tells him that they're going to be late for the charity walk, but Ian asks him to wait while he does his hair. After Ian combs, hairsprays, blowdries, curls, glues, and ruffles his hair, the two leave. At the charity walk, Ian asks what the charity is even for. Anthony says that it's to help cure fat kids from being fat. While they are walking, a guy compliments Anthony's hair. Ian asks if his hair is awesome, but another guy throws a can at Ian, hurting his feelings. A girl tells Anthony that his hair is hot, and then asks for his number.

With Anthony stalled, Ian manages to make it to the finish line first. But to Ian's shock, Anthony gets the medal instead, even though he didn't cross at all. Anthony explains that his hair is the key, saying that it has "powers beyond your wildest dreams." With a single hair flip, Anthony manages to cause a girl's ovaries to explode. After realizing nobody likes his hair, Ian runs off crying, wishing that he can trade hair with Anthony. Charlie then appears to Ian on a cloud, and when Ian reminds him that he's dead, he explains that he's a ghost. Ian tells Charlie that he wants to trade hair with Anthony "more than anything in the world." Charlie tells Ian to kiss his ass, and that, by doing so, his wish will come true. Ian proceeds to kiss Charlie, and feels a strange sensation before fainting.

The next morning, Ian wakes up with Anthony's hair, and Anthony wakes up with Ian's hair. Anthony asks how their hair got swapped, and Ian explains that he kissed Charlie's ass. Anthony then tells Ian to reverse the wish, but Ian tells Anthony that he should be in Ian's position and see how it feels to be "an ugly abomination of mankind." Ian then flips his hair and causes the same girl's ovaries to explode again, whines that she just got new ones.

Ian walks downtown, with plenty of people admiring his hair and one girl trying to lick it. An announcer introduces him as "the Sexiest Man in the World," saying that he never has to use conditioner, his hair is known to produce earthquakes, and people orgasm if they stroke his hair. Ian is then seen on a date with two girls. He once again flips his hair, causing the same girl's ovaries to explode for the third time, who groans that she hated him. Meanwhile, Anthony is outside watching Ian, crying about his bowl haircut. Two punks see Anthony, make fun of his hair, and give him a wedgie. Back inside, Ian asks the girls which one of them wants to date him, but they say that they only like him because of his hair, and everything else about him is "dog s**t." Ian turns around and asks the girl whose ovaries exploded three times if she'd like to date him, but she just stares at his hair. Ian runs off upon this revelation.

Ian leaves, upset that everyone loves him solely because he has Anthony's "stupid emo hair." Charlie appears and tells Ian, that in hindsight, he shouldn't have made the wish. Ian begs Charlie to reverse the wish so he can have his bowl haircut back. Charlie tells him that in order to reverse his wish, Ian must kiss his ghost d*ck. Ian is about to do so, but two PETA agents (Ian and Anthony) show up and kill him for doing inapproprate things with guinea pig ghosts. One agent holds up a guinea pig doll and asks Charlie where he kissed him.

Deleted Scene 1

Anthony tells Ian to have Charlie reverse the wish, but Ian refuses and leaves. Anthony then sings part of his Hair Ballad from I LOST MY HAIR!, until Ian comes back in and cuts him off.

Deleted Scene 2

Ian asks Anthony if anyone likes his hair, and the crazed Justin Bieber fan from 2011's comes up and says that she does, mistaking him for Justin Bieber. Ian tells the girl that he's not Justin Bieber, and she then tells Ian to go kill himself.

Deleted Scene 3

When Charlie talks about switching Ian's hair with Anthony's hair, he says, "It sounds like a ripoff of all those body swapping movies." Ian cuts Charlie off and angrily asks him if he can grant the wish or not.





  • All the girls in the video have appeared in previous Smosh videos.
  • Running Gag: Anthony/Ian flipping their hair which causes a women's ovaries to explode
  • In the beginning, Anthony shoots lan's knee with an arrow, referencing the "Arrow to the Knee" meme that originated from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
  • The woman trying to make out with Ian while he walks down the sidewalk was Ian's real life girlfriend at the time, Melanie Moat.
  • In the wedgie scene, Anthony's not wearing men's underwear, he's wearing a woman's thong.
  • Anthony with Ian's hair looks strikingly like Justin Bieber.
  • This is the fourth Smosh video involving hair, the others being Anthony Gets a Haircut, I LOST MY HAIR!, and HOMELESS MILLIONAIRE!
    • Coincidentally, all of the videos so far involve Anthony's hair in some manner.
  • This is sixth time Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig appears after his death on Askcharlie.
  • In the extras, a conversation between Ian and the actors portraying thugs revealed the thong ripping during the wedgie was unintentional.
  • Near the end of the last scene, the doll the PETA agent shows Ghost Charlie is the doll used as the Charlie stunt double for scenes in the Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig series that involve any kind of Charlie abuse.
  • This is the first video in be dubbed by Patrick in El Smosh.
  • Anthony is wearing the Awesome Shirt when his hair swapped with Ian..
  • Ian has a third ball sack in his bowl cut

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Thanks for subscribing! And don't for- (Charlie) Wait, wait, hold on. Does anyone else have any wishes they want reversed? Hmmm? Just a little kissy on my winky.

Shut Up! Opening

My hair's curly so I need to straighten it. My hair's straight so I need to curl it. SHUT UP!



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