July 22, 2011

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Ian Hecox, Anthony Padilla, Anthony's Grandpa, Secruity Guards, Tourists, Gay couples, pirate

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MY GRANDPA'S DIRTY SECRET: is a Smosh video uploaded on July 22, 2011.


After his death, Anthony's grandpa left Ian and Anthony with a treasure map, where the two must embark on a treasure hunt in order to get his grandpa's secret treasure.


Pajeia's grandpa had died and left Anthony a box of his old stuff. Ian asks how, so Anthony replies, "Heart attack." The truth behind Anthony's grandpa's death was that he had watched 2 Girls 1 Cup, in which the disgusting content must've caused the fatal heart attack. Anthony thought this was wierd, since his grandpa always hated him. Ian notices a rolled up piece of paper among the pile and rolls it out to reveal a treasure map. Anthony then reads a letter from his grandpa that reads, "Anthony, you and your life partner must use this map to find the treasure of great importance." Ian gets a little suspicious that his grandpa referred to him as Anthony's life partner. Anthony replies that his grandpa thought Ian was gay because Anthony told him. Ian gets angry, but Anthony replies, "Whatever okay, he was old and it made him really happy." They then go outside and read the map, requiring that they need to get the sword to defeat the treasure guardian and get the key for the treasure chest. With that, Anthony and Ian set out to get the treasure accompanied by a song that goes, "Oh, Ian and Anthony have a map, they don't have time for this or that. They're on an adventure for riches and gold, his grandpa's dead, smelly and old."

As Ian and Anthony were exploring, Anthony spots the sword guarded by two guys in suits. They were about to get to the sword, when the guys stop them, one of them stating, "Only the most attractive and fashionable people are allowed to cross through my land." He lets Anthony pass, but refuses to let Ian in. Ian asks why, so the guard says that Ian's "rocking Crocs and socks." The guard will let Ian in if he takes them off, but Ian refuses because "They're comfy." After asking one more time only for Ian to refuse again, the guard then crouches down to try to force Ian's shoes off, with Ian fighting back. Meanwhile, a United States tour guide (played by Ian) is giving foreign tourists a tour of a "typical American neighborhood," when he spots the scuffle between the guard and Ian. The guard's point of view made it look like something sexual, which causes the tour guide to say, "Oh dear god!" The guard finally gets Ian's shoes off and allows Ian to pass. Once Ian met Anthony at the sword, Anthony pulls it out of the stone and holds it up, while a Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time message window says, "You got the Master Sword!" Ian and Anthony continue on their adventure, accompanied by musical lyrics, "Oh, Anthony so totally rocks, Ian's sad he lost his Crocs. A tourist group that the portfolo led watch some dude give Ian-"

"Head around the corner and let me know if you see anything." Anthony tells Ian to investigate. Ian heads around the corner and peeks his head in to find two girls and a stand with the key on it. Ian and Anthony enter the field as the girls greet them. Anthony grabs the key and holds it up, while a Zelda message window says, "You got the key!" One of the girls starts to flirt with Ian as they leave, but Anthony insists that they go. Ian asks if they can stay, only to be forcefully grabbed by one of the girls. Ian then removes a wig to reveal that they're really men who were crossdressing. Ian tells Anthony to run, so as Anthony flees, Ian suddenly gets a pleasuring massage from one of the transvestites. The song continues, "Oh, Ian and Anthony barely survived, bravely fought and almost died. Anthony fled a sight so loot, Ian was rubbed by a dude."

Ian and Anthony were reunited, with Anthony reading the map saying that the treasure is guarded by a pirate. A pirate (played by Ian) was waiting by a treasure, saying, "I've been waiting 83 years for someone to steal me treasure!" The pirate raises his sword and charges at the two. Ian was at first intimidated, but as they see him slowly charge at them, Ian and Anthont weren't very intimidated. So Anthony casually points his sword forward as the pirate charges forward. The pirate then runs into Anthony's sword and impales himself. The pirate says, "Ouch." before he falls dead. Ian gets out the Staples Easy Button and presses it, the button saying, "That was easy."

Anthony finally gets to the treasure chest and starts to open the chest and get the contents inside Zelda style, complete with the Zelda message window saying, "You got the treasure!" Anthony opens it, only for it to be a laptop and a message from his grandpa that reads, "Ha! Got you Bitch! There's not any treasure out here you idiot! Oh yeah, check out this sweet video I found online." The laptop starts to play 2 Girls 1 Cup and Anthony starts making faces of disgust as he watches. Ian pops up and starts to ask Anthony what he's watching, only to turn around and throw up when he sees the video. The final message of the video was "2GIRLS1CUP'D!"

Deleted Scene

Anthony told Ian that the grandmother also died from a heart attack while watching "2 Girls 1 Cup", except Anthony showed it to her.

Deleted Clip

Anthony told Ian that the grandpa thought Ian was gay because of his well groomed hair.






  • Many sound effects and jingles from The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time and The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask can be heard throughout the video. Some of these include the Item Get jingle (when Anthony gets the Master Sword), the small Item jingle (when Ian and Anthony get the key), the opening large treasure chest (when Anthony opens the treasure chest), and the Redead scream (when Anthony's grandpa dies)
  • According to the deleted scene, Anthony's grandma also died the same way his grandpa did. Except Anthony was the one who showed his grandma 2 Girls 1 Cup.
  • Things in Grandpa's Box include:
  1. Mexican Wrestling mask
  2. Hat with a handle
  3. Pregnancy lol
  4. A purse with a plush puppy dog toy from Taco bell
  5. Ring
  6. Wax candle with bowl
  7. Bottle of jack
  8. Shake Weight
  9. Rock
  10. A receipt for 24-pk. of condoms
  11. Rope
  12. Gas mask like-thing
  13. More Rope
  14. Working guns
  15. more wine and booze bottles
  16. rock or scull-like thing
  • The 2GIRLS1CUP'D message at the end is a reference to the How-To Videos because at the end of each scene, there is usually a message at the end similar to that.
  • When Anthony brings his hand down from holding up the key, you can see it's not in his hand.
  • In the Legend of Zelda series, Link can open treasure chests without a key. The key is used to open passage ways that are locked in temples.
  • Actually, Anthony was passing the sword not inside the pirate, the sword was passing through the side.
  • It seems odd that Anthony's grandpa put 2 Girls 1 Cup in the treasure chest, considering he died from watching it, as shown by his "What's this?" when first clicking on the video. It could be he planned it ahead of time and simply forgot the video due to his old age.

Subscription Ending

"(singing) Thanks for subscribing, you are really cool. I am dancing naked now, you should join me too."

Shut Up! Opening

"Back in my day, bread was five rupees. ...SHUT UP!"



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