My Bathroom Secret
My Bathroom Secret


June 24, 2011

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Ian, Anthony, Troy

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MY BATHROOM SECRET is a Smosh video uploaded on June 24, 2011. In this video, Anthony finds out about an embarrassing bathroom secret about Ian: Ian pees sitting down, poops standing up, and drinks from the urinals he called "drinking fountains".



A disclaimer is shown:

The following is based on a true story. The names have been changed to protect the person's identity.


Ian and Anthony were going to watch a movie, presumably Transformers: Dark of the Moon since they were talking about the actress that was put in place of Megan Fox, when Ian says that he has to pee. Anthony tells him that they're going to be late when Ian replies, "Well I don't wanna piss myself in the movies! Anthony realizes this and goes into the bathroom as well.

As Anthony enters, Ian enters the stall. Anthony looks at Ian's feet and sees his pants on his ankles, which makes Anthony complain that he thought Ian was going to pee. Ian says that he is, but can't since Anthony's watching. Anthony turns his head, but as soon as he hears Ian pee, he looks at Ian, which prompts him to stop peeing. The moment Anthony turns his head, Ian pees again, resulting in the same responses. This goes on about five more times until Ian shouts, "Stop it!" Anthony asks why Ian is sitting down while he's peeing. Ian finishes and goes out of the stall asking, "Why would I not?" A man named Troy comes in to use the urinals, prompting Anthony to ask him if he pees sitting down or standing up. Troy answers "standing up," which has Anthony look at Ian confidently. Ian shouts, "Well fine! I guess I'm the freak then!" before leaving. Troy asks, "What's that guy's problem?" when Anthony sees that he's using the urinal with his butt exposed.

Two days later, Anthony was peeing while singing the Spongebob Squarepants theme song, when Ian enters the stall. Ian says, "Yes Anthony, I'm taking a crap while standing up. Are you happy?" which shocks and confuses Anthony. Ian starts to complain if taking a crap standing up is right, as he's experiencing "major splashage." Anthony tells him that he's supposed to take a crap sitting down. Ian comes out of the stall (after finishing of course) and asks Anthony, "Well, which one is it, man!? Sitting down or standing up!? Make up your god damn mind!" Ian then says that the only thing more annoying than listening to Anthony is using one of the "drinking fountains," which is actually a urinal. Ian drinks out of the urinal, which disgusts Anthony and adds, "Especially when these idiots piss in them! Like that's real funny!" Anthony looks at Ian with disgust as Ian wipes his mouth. Ian looks at Anthony and shouts, "WHAT!?"




  • Even though the disclaimer said that names have been changed, Ian still says Anthony's name when he tells him that he's taking a crap standing up.
  • In a take, we can clearly see that Troy is wearing pants, but in the other take, he's without pants.

Subscription Ending

"Click the Subscribe Button if you've peed while sitting down! See what I did there? Cause... at some point... you've all peed while sitting down, let's be honest."

Shut Up! Opening

"Come on girls! Let's go to the bathroom and talk about girl stuff! SHUT UP!"



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