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April 7, 2014




Minecraft War Truly Over?

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1 (technically 6)


Minecraft War Rages On


Minecraft Enters a Time of Peace

Minecraft War Truly Over? is the first, technically sixth, episode in the Smosh Games series Maricraft. It was uploaded on April 7, 2014.


The war continues, but a new face is added to the ranks. Jovenshire joins in as a neutral party. A truce is called, but how long will it last?


The thumbnail depicts Mari holding down a sword with an uncertain expression on her face. This, combined with the background of a forest fire, are references to the destruction of her house and the uncertainty of the truce called.


A neutral party

Mari welcomes her viewers to a new Maricraft episode, and announces that Super Mari Fun Time has been renamed Maricraft. Mari states that the war between her and Lasercorn is still going on, though Lasercorn claims that he has a way to end it. Lasercorn asks Mari to come to her house and promises he won't kill her, but Mari unconvinced of this. Lasercorn comes across a tall "sky" tower surrounded by a small lava moat. and thinks either Wes or Jovenshire built it. Mari informs the audience that they are playing on April Fool's Day, therefore some of the game has been changed to match the day. Mari and Lasercorn see that Joven has joined the game, much to their surprise. The scene switches to Joven's point of view, with him saying hello to the audience. Joven is in a room, in full diamond armor and diamond tools, as well as a bow and torches. Mari asks Joven if he has played Minecraft before, which he has, but barely.

Lasercorn climbs to the top of the tower and sees a castle over the top of the hill, and Joven says that that is his castle. Lasercorn states that he may have to claim Joven's castle in the name of Lasercornia, but Joven, aware of Lasercorn and Mari's feud and preferring to remain neutral, advises against it. Mari is a little against the idea of Joven staying neutral, comparing him to Switzerland. Lasercorn has sneaked into Joven's castle and attempts to kill him, but Joven swiftly defeats him due to his diamond tools and armor, to Mari and Lasercorn's surprise. Joven states that Lasercorn may come to reclaim his belongings, but advises that he does not try anything while he is in the castle. Lasercorn goes and collects his items and does not try anything.

Burning of the house and a new face

Lasercorn asks Mari again to come to her house. He sees a dark hole leading straight down a block in front of the entrance, which Mari stated was a trap meant to blow Lasercorn up in. Lasercorn pushes Joven, who has come over to see the trap, into the hole. Joven does not die but instead falls into water. He tells Lasercorn that "[he] has done something very bad", but Lasercorn is unfazed by this and jokingly sarcastically thanks Mari for making the hole. Lasercorn asks if Joven has respawned in his castle, and is surprised to hear that Joven survived the fall and is making his way back to the surface. Meanwhile, Mari is not at the house yet, so Lasercorn proceeds with his surprise for her, which is burning the house down. Joven, who has dug himself up some kilometers away from the house and is surprised to see the house in flames.

Joven is sightly annoyed at Lasercorn for his actions, but Lasercorn teases him to find him first and is at the top of the tower. Joven, climbing the tower's inside staircase, is sees Lasercorn's nametag and, after a brief duel on the roof, kills Lasercorn and claims his items. Meanwhile, Mari switches to Creative Mode so she can fly to get back to the house faster. She eventually finds her Land, able to see Joven's castle, Lasercorn's hideout, the forest with the large mushrooms, the lava pit, ponds, the dirt tower beacon, as well as the sky tower. Mari flies over to the top of the tower next to Joven, who is surprised to see her. The three are surprised to see that Sohinki has joined the game. Joven states that he has ended the war between Mari and Lasercorn, but Lasercorn suddenly asks Mari if she wants to ally with him against Joven, and she initially reluctantly agrees but changes her mind. Joven is surprised by Lasercorn's sudden proposal, stating that he was the neutral party and wanted nothing to do with the feud. Lasercorn is disappointed at Mari and the two start to argue, the topic changing to how the war started.

When Lasercorn mentions Lasercornia, Joven informs him that he knows where "[Lasercorn's] little kingdom" is. Lasercorn asks Joven if he has confused Lasercornia with his hideout, and Joven knows the location of both, strongly advising against becoming his enemy. Mari states that she has switched back to Survival Mode, and promptly knocks Lasercorn off the edge of the tower roof, to his surprise. Lasercorn asks Mari how she managed to get behind him, and Mari reminds him that she was up there the entire time. Lasercorn makes his way back up the tower staircase, and the two begin to duel. Mari comes within two hearts of health of killing Lasercorn, but is killed.

Destruction of Lasercorn's fort

Some time later, Mari asks Joven to look at Lasercorn's hideout, which has been filled with lava and a block of TNT. Joven is slightly disappointed, as he has come over to do the same thing, but at the same time giggling. Lasercorn asks what they are doing and looks over at Joven's computer screen, seeing Joven watching Mari trying to ignite the redstone trail to the block of TNT. Mari figures it out and the two run away as the TNT explodes, destroying Lasercorn's hideout. Mari sees Joven's castle for the first time and is amazed by it, but sees Lasercorn nearby, making his way towards Joven, who is mining the remains of Lasercorn's hideout. Mari sees the destruction to her house and states that "all this fighting sucks" and wants to celebrate with "fireworks" as she starts setting TNT down through her house.

Lasercorn states his disliking of how Mari filled his hideout with lava before blowing it up while he is killed by said while trying to get rid of it. Joven wants to call a truce and invites the two to have a snowball fight with him on the roof of his house. Lasercorn agrees as he has no food and his place was destroyed. Joven promises to share his food as Mari also agrees on it. The three agree on a truce and Mari proves her word by stating that she will blow her house up, covering the entirety of the inside of the house with TNT. Lasercorn abruptly asks if anyone has seen Sohinki since he logged on, to which Mari and Joven says no. Lasercorn asks Sohinki where he is, to which he (off-screen) tells the three to "not worry about it". Mari notes how it is scaring her a little.

Truce and celebration of peace

Lasercorn and Joven are surprised to see how much TNT Mari has placed in the house. Mari places down a redstone trail leading to the TNT and a redstone torch, igniting the first half of the redstone trail. She warns Lasercorn to run away as soon as she ignites the second half. Mari notices Lasercorn's sign next to her house's entrance reading "Mari has a 8=====D", much to her distaste. Lasercorn tells Mari to not worry about it as "it's all gonna go boom in a second". Lasercorn tells Mari to ignite the TNT and waits in apprehension for the explosion, but nothing happens. Mari forgot to place the second redstone torch, so she went back, placed it, and quickly runs away as the entire house is destroyed by the ensuing explosion, followed by a short montage of explosions.

The three exclaim in amazement as the house is destroyed. Mari calls attention to the "water penis", a fountain of water in the center of the large crater. As the sun sets, the three agree on a truce as Mari and Lasercorn head to Joven's castle. They head up to the roof as Joven gives them a couple dozen snowballs each for the snowball fight he suggested. The three start throwing snowballs at each other, Lasercorn unfortunately quickly running out of snowballs. Joven accidentally picks up a stone pickaxe from somewhere, to his confusion, while Lasercorn, running on the edge of the roof turrets while being pelted by snowballs from Mari, accidentally falls off and is killed. Joven gives Mari the pickaxe despite being sure it was Lasercorn's he got picked up earlier.

A sudden appearance

The three share their optimistic views on the future, but the mood changes when Joven mentions that no one has yet seen Sohinki. Mari jokingly mentions the "water penis" as suddenly a spider attacks her and Joven. The two quickly kill it but wonder how it got up on the roof. Still in Creative Mode (Mari switched to Creative Mode for a second time to get the TNT she needed to demolish her house), Mari accidentally mined a few of the iron blocks in Joven's castle, which were patched up with cobblestone, but Joven complains that "it doesn't match". Mari ignores this as she sees Sohinki on the hill near the base of Joven's castle with a trail of mobs behind him. Mari is unsure whether his sudden presence is a concern or not.

Joven goes into his castle room and is surprised to suddenly see Sohinki, ironclad in armor and equipped with a diamond sword. Joven starts to mention Sohinki's sudden presence to Mari as he follows him upstairs to the roof to see him and Mari dueling, Sohinki unaware that Mari is in Creative Mode and therefore unable to take damage. Mari kills Sohinki, to her surprise and humor. She uses this as a warning to Sohinki to not attack her. Mari decides to end the episode there, and explains to the audience that they did not have viewer-sent skins for that episode as, for April Fool's Day, the player's mob was replaced with that of a villager. She and Lasercorn state that they will have skins in the next episode.



  • This was the first official episode of Maricraft.
  • This was Jovenshire's first appearance in the series as a player, having appeared in previous episodes in Mari and Lasercorn's cameras.
  • This episode is also the first appearance of Sohinki in Maricraft, but does not appear with a facecam.
  • Whenever Mari mentioned the change in a players's skin, she would confuse the villager skin with that if a zombie pigman.
  • After the snowball fight, when Mari looks between the turrets of Joven's castle to jokingly say "water penis" Sohinki can be seen near the tower in the distance.
  • The amount and variety of objects Sohinki dropped suggests that he had quite a few adventures on the way to Mari's Land.
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