MARI THE MINECRAFT NOOB is the seventy-fourth installment for the Smosh Games series Super Mari Fun Time.



Before the episode begins, the screen is black with white text, with the words "Dawn of The First Episode -5 Days Remain-", with Jon Bailey doing a voice-over, saying "Five days remain."

The episode starts out with Mari welcoming her audience to another episode of Super Mari Fun Time, then introducing Minecraft as the episode's game. She addresses the fact that no previous Minecraft-related video (except for possibly one) was uploaded on Smosh Games, but Mari figured that she would "change the mold". She admits that she needed help from fans to figure out how to play, as she had never played Minecraft previously.

Mari enters a new world titled "ButtParty" and spawns in a snowy forest biome., and comments on the small block hand in the bottom right corner of the screen, calling it a hand-knob". She starts collecting wood and dirt, admiring how despite mining away the bottom half of the tree trunk, the rest remains floating. Mari then moves around the forest, saying that she would like a castle instead of a house. She attempts to craft, but sees that she does not have the necessary supplies, so goes out to collect it.

As Mari moves through the forest, she encounters a pig and promptly kills it. She comments on how she would like a mansion, imitating a British accent whilst repeating "mansion" a few times. She sets down a crafting table and crafts a wooden pickaxe and shovel. She notices that the sun was setting, so proceeds to construct a makeshift dirt shelter. As the sky grows darker, Mari notices mobs spawning near her, and starts growing scared of their constant sound effects and moving around. She makes the walls of her dirt shelter higher on two sides to keep mobs out, and occasionally glancing over to check on the mobs, always cowering back if any are seen. Mari comments on how the experience is similar to Outlast, a previous survival game she played.

After some minutes of glancing and retreating, Mari notices the sunrise behind her and ventures out again, noticing a zombie burning to death as a result of the sunlight. She sees a chicken and notes that her hunger bar is low, so she goes over and kills the chicken as well as a few other animals and eats the raw meat to fill up her hunger bar. Mari starts to dig downward as an attempt to get iron. though doesn't but gets cobblestone instead.

As the sky gets dark again, Mari clears the snow out from the leaves of a tree, declaring it as a temporary shelter for the night. She calls it a treehouse, and notes the presence of creeper. Mari is startled when a random chicken jumps to her and attack it, thinking it to be a creeper. Mari decides to surround herself with dirt blocks to be hidden from mobs. She crafts a furnace and comments on her lack of bed resulting her waiting out the night. To pass the time, Mari starts singing on how she will survive the night due to her pickaxe. She asks a nearby cow if it's the one making a lot of noise, but realizes it was a spider not too far away. Mari contemplates if it is worth the risk of going down to kill the spider, and decides it is, but is killed due to facing the wrong way whilst attacking, leaving the spider open room to attack from behind.

After respawning, Mari sees that she kept nothing from her previous spawn, and decides to hollow out a tree trunk and hide in the leaves. She soon encounters a creeper, but takes no notable damage. Mari sees the sun rising and kills a nearby pig. She attempts to get to work, but is distracted by a black sheep which she promptly kills.

Being distracted by asking why she is slowing down (not seeing that she is crouching), she falls into a chasm, losing over half of her health due to fall damage. She starts mining stone and makes two stone pickaxes, and asks where to find iron and coal. Mari proceeds to dig a two-by-two hole straight down in the hopes of finding something. After some time, Mari look up to see that she has mined a great distance down.

During the level autosave, one of the tidbits below the loading bar warns against digging straight up or down, with Mari noting that it was exactly what she did, asking her audience how many of them facepalmed while she was digging downward.

When she returns to the game, Mari comes across a spider above her, and mines away a few stone blocks out from underneath the spider, creating a small waterfall, moving the spider to her. Mari starts hitting the spider with her pickaxe, each hit knocking the spider back up the waterfall until it dies. Mari then starts stacking blocks under her to get out of the chasm, spotting a spider directly in front of her. Despite being aware of spiders' neutrality during the day, Mari decides to kill it, getting string.

Mari knocks a sheep into the chasm, but not killing it due to the waterfall. While seeing how the sheep turned out, Mari falls in again herself, to her dismay. Mari accidentally moves to the deeper part of the waterfall, slowly drowning, despite the directions on the screen showing how to swim up. But due to not seeing this, Mari drowns and loses all of her collected things for a second time.

Mari respawns back in the snow-covered forest, cursing herself and acting frustrated. Mari acknowledges that it was due to her lack of knowledge of the game, but admits she does not like saying that. She continues to collect wood for the third time, stating that she finally figured out that she was randomly crouching, leading to her occasional slow walking.

Mari goes to the coast, seeing a few islands in the distance, with one having a village in the distance, wanting to go over to them. She staggers through the water, having some trouble staying afloat despite the water being shallow. She sees that lily pads could be walked on, calls a pig on a small island she is stuck on for the night her pet, and crafts more suppliers, including a wooden sword. Mari scolds her "pet" pig for standing on top of the wooden wall she built, but forgets as soon as she notices light coming from the aforementioned village. Mari sets the next day's goal to be getting over to that village.

As she is keeping watch, Mari spots a skeleton making its way through the water over to her. She tries fighting it, but gets distracted as Jovenshire sneaks up behind her and grabs her shoulders, making her jump. Mari curses at Joven, who laughs and walks away. Meanwhile, her character get killed shortly afterward from the skeleton, to which Mari groans, noting that she nearly urinated in her pants.

Mari decides to end the episode there, stating the she will continue playing Minecraft, asking viewers to let her know if they enjoyed the episode, providing links to her social media accounts, asking viewers to give her ideas for future episodes, and stating that she will see the audience the next week, ending with her signature outro phrase.

The outro sequence is a short clip from the previous week's episode, with the label WE BEAT DECAY! underneath.