Lost Levels
Lost Levels
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Smosh Games Crew


December 8, 2015 - February 2, 2016 (Smosh Smash! Mini Special)
June 24, 2016 (Old Smosh Games Revisits)


Smosh Games Alliance

Lost Levels is a Smosh Games Alliance series debuting Decmber 8, 2015, and again on June 24, 2016. The series revisits old shows (from Smosh Games) with occasional guest players every Friday.


Smosh Smash! Mini Special (2015/2016)

The Smosh Smash! are not broadcasts. It has moved to Smosh Games Alliance

# Name Released
1 The Lost Levels: Smosh Smash! 8 December 2015
2 Lost Levels #2: Upside Down Smosh Smash! 30 December 2015
3 Co-Op Smash Bros! 2 February 2016

Revisits of Old Shows (Smosh Games)

# Name Released Show Revisited Guest/s
1 Shayne VS Dark Souls III 24 June 2016 Boss Fight of the Week Shayne Topp (from Smosh Squad)
2 Crazy Overwatch Challenge 1 July 2016 Backseat Gaming N/A


Top 5 Reasons New Games Suck 8 July 2016 Top 5 N/A
4 Youtuber's Life 15 July 2016 Dope! or Nope N/A
5 Super Smash Bros Battle  22 July 2016 Boss Fight of the Week N/A
6 Fallout 4 Domination 29 July 2016 Backseat Gaming N/A
7 Top 5 Worst Celebrity Games 5 August 2016 Top 5 N/A
8 Uncharted 4 12 August 2016 Dope! or Nope N/A

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