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Position at Pork E. Pine's:

Assistant Manager

Portrayed by:

Natalie Whittle

Lori is a character from Part Timers. She is played by actress Natalie Whittle.


Lori seems to be the most leveled-headed of all the employees at Pork E. Pine's. She works as the assistant manager throughout the series. She first appears in Welcome to Pork E. Pine's and is the first main character seen.

A reoccurring joke is her love of erotic romance novels, especially audio versions. In Hot and Raw she is unable to properly host the health inspection due to the inspector's voice sounding just like the narrator of her tapes.

Lori was also once involved with Anton's father, who painted a nude portrait of her eating a sandwich.

In Worst Wedding Ever she is going to be deported back to Canada and marries Ella in order to avoid this.

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