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November 22, 2013 (Smosh)
November 24, 2013 (El Smosh)

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Ian, Anthony, Stevie, Ian's date

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When there's only one Pizza Roll left, Ian & Anthony have a staring contest to see who gets the last piece.


The video opens with a wide shot of the house, while Ian and Anthony are saying how good something is while making orgasm-esque sounds. The camera cuts to the kitchen where the boys were eating Totino's Pizza Rolls. Ian and Anthony were seen eating pizza rolls. They both liked them, but then there was one more left on the plate. Ian decided to settle with a staring contest, but Anthony decided on whose poop is bigger. Anthony then decided to stick with Ian's suggestion.

At the table, Ian sets the rules saying that the person who doesn't blink wins the roll. They started preparing for the contest and then started staring at each other.

Ten minutes later, Ian felt bored of the contest. Anthony thought of Ian to quit which he didn't want to do. Four seconds later, Anthony noticed how boring it was; so Ian decided on taking it to the next level. Ian and Anthony kept on distracting each other and even went to the bathroom to together. As they kept distracting each other, Ian got a call for a blind date wanting to stop. However, Anthony still wants the staring contest to keep on going which Ian felt fine with as they still stared at each other.

In the car, Ian warns Anthony that it would be dangerous for him to drive without looking on the road. Anthony noticed and Ian decided to drive while still staring at Anthony. While out in the neighborhood, Stevie plays with his pet snake as he walks on the road and sees Ian's car wanting to greet them. As the car comes closer, Stevie asked if they can slow down a little bit. But due to the contest, they didn't listen as Stevie felt scared. Luckily, the car only drove right close without hurting him and thought it was a close one. Ian thought he forgot his wallet and backs up his car running over Stevie, but then realizes he never brings his wallets on date so she can pay. Anthony thought that was the reason Ian's dates never work out. Ian agreed but thought he'll just get a free meal as he drives to his date while running over Stevie some more.

At the date's house, Ian tells Anthony to stop staring at him which will ruin his date. Anthony decided Ian to blink and lose the contest, but Ian doesn't want Anthony to win. Anthony asked if Ian would give up his possible love of his life over a pizza roll which Ian felt the pizza roll was more important. They were trying to distract each other before the date arrives. They even made music though their distractions combined. Ian decides to use sling rubber band at Anthony. Anthony didn't want to be hit, but Ian's date finally opened the door which made Ian stop his action. Ian greeted his date which she realized he brought Anthony; she thought it was weird and wants to show Ian her mom's fresh ground pepper. However, she sneezed on it spraying the pepper to both of their noses. Ian thought it was the end since people never sneeze without blinking. Anthony thought it was an honor staring at Ian's face saying that it was ugly which Ian agreed. After that, they sneezed and even spat water at each other. Ian noticed it was a tie each Anthony thought of splitting the roll. Ian wondered why they haven't thought of that in the first place. The date wanted Ian to stay for the date, but Ian wanted to eat half of the pizza roll he's been saving with Anthony. Anthony told her that nothing comes between a man and pizza rolls and they left the date.

In their house, when the guys came back, they found Stevie eating the last roll. He thanked them since he was super hungry after getting run over and likes the fact it hits his G-spot. This made Ian and Anthony furious.

Out in the neighborhood, Ian continuously runs over Stevie with his car and then drives off, probably to return to his date or to buy more pizza rolls. This hurt Stevie's testies.

Deleted Scene

After Ian runs over Stevie while staring at Anthony, Ian stopped and realized he needs to get a little sheet for his "little sword" thinking about never being too safe. Anthony takes Ian to burrow his knife. Ian thanked Anthony saying Hurricane Cupid, his date, loves small hand-to-hand combat weapons. Ian also ran over Stevie while driving in reverse.


Longest Staring Contest Ever/Script



  • Instead of having all this happen, Ian & Anthony could've just split the Pizza Roll anyway.
  • The "Shut Up!" opening references the fact that most radio stations are starting to play Christmas music before Thanksgiving.
  • Stevie appears again after So Many Hickeys! on the Smosh channel.
    • Near the end, Stevie says lines like "This really hits my G-Spot" and "Ow! My testies!". The G-Spot is a spot in the vagina while "testies" are testicles.
  • Over contrary belief, fans think that Ian's girlfriend is played by Melanie Moat in this video when it is really Smosh Extra Stephanie Altholz.
  • The "rage" sound effect is used again since Food Battle 2008.
  • As of this video, this is one of the final appearances of Anthony's "Emo Haircut". As shown on his Facebook/Instagram page, he got a new haircut without the "emo flaps".
  • Pizza Rolls are used in Smosh again after BADASS NEW POWER RANGERS where Anthony's dad cooks them for the boys and TEENS IN THE WILD! in which the video was sponsored by.
  • It is possible to sneeze and not blinking.

Shut Up! Opening

You know what's awesome? Playing Christmas music in November. SHUT UP!

Subscription Ending

Thanks for subscribing guys. Now don't blink until this video's over. (whispers ten seconds later) Congratulations, you are winner.



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