A list of Smosh's Seasons & Channels:



  • Smosh: Smosh is the main YouTube channel of the Smosh franchise created by the comedic duo Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. The channel currently has over 22.5 million subscribers and is the thirteenth most subscribed channel on YouTube after having three stints as the most subscribed channel.
  • Smosh 2nd Channel: Smosh 2nd Channel (originally named IanH) is a YouTube channel, created by Ian Hecox. At first it was strictly Ian's personal channel only used to make Ian is Bored (now Smosh is Bored) episodes. Now it is used as a channel to upload side series such as Lunchtime with Smosh, Smosh's Seriously Super Stupid Sleepover, Put it in My Mouth and Squad Vlogs.
  • AnthonyPadilla: AnthonyPadilla is Anthony's personal YouTube channel. His videos are normally mini-vlogs and random things he does when they're not making Smosh videos (like playing Bop-It, unboxing the Wii-U, etc). The channel is rarely used by Anthony.
  • Shut Up! Cartoons: Shut Up! Cartoons is a web series/channel by Smosh, hosting several animated shows created by other animators. This is the 2nd newest series of Smosh, and has over 900,000 subscribers. The series' logo is an anvil with the words Shut Up! Cartoons on it.
  • El Smosh: El Smosh is a Smosh channel of videos dubbed in Spanish. The first video, a dub of REJECTED TWILIGHT ZONE EPISODES!, was released on February 19, 2012, and further received a Smosh video telling about the channel.
  • Smosh France: Smosh France is a fan-run, Smosh supported channel of Smosh videos dubbed in French.
  • Smosh Games: Smosh Games is a Smosh's seventh channel that was created on September 25, 2012. Ian, Anthony, and Mari team up with gamers Sohinki, Jovenshire, and Lasercorn of ClevverGames to play games together, do reviews, updates, and more. Two videos are posted on the channel everyday, except on Saturdays and Sundays. Smosh Games has a Facebook page and a Twitter page. They are listed on the channel.

Former Channels

  • WatchUsLiveAndStuff: WatchUsLiveAndStuff (now Kalel) was the personal channel of Anthony and his now ex-fiance Kalel Cullen. The channel was used to follow Anthony and Kalel around in their daily lives. After the couple ended their relationship the channel was taken over by Kalel, renamed and all traces of WatchUsLiveAndUs were removed from the channel, now becoming Kalel's personal channel, her fourth channel and only one still active.

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