Life as Ghosts is a series of Smosh videos, uploaded on September 13, 20, 26, and October 3, 2008.


Episode 1: Discovery

"On September 13, 2008, Ian had given up hope of ever getting a girlfriend, mainly because he's ugly and just, really unattractive on all levels. So Anthony decided to teach him an ancient Native American dance ritual which would make Ian irresistable to women. When they were finished, they realized they'd f**ked up the dance and they did the Dance of Death. Anthony and Ian now believe they are dead and this is their Life as Ghosts."

Ian and Anthony start screaming at each other that they're dead, then run out of the house. Ian comes back and says, "Bye Mom! I'm going out! Oh yeah, AND I'M DEAD!". Then they run down the street and scream some more. Suddenly, Anthony stops and asks, "How do we know that we're actually dead?" Ian responds, "If we're really dead, then people won't be able to see us." He then suggests that Anthony jump in front of a car because if he is dead, then the driver won't be able to see him. The driver inside is having a conversation with someone about Hannah Montana. Anthony hesitates, but Ian pushes him. He gets hit, (which means that the driver didn't see him) and Ian confirms that they are, in fact, dead. Ian runs down the street and takes a random guy's dog out of his hands. He spins it around and says, "I'm dead, doggie!" Two British Chaps (played by Ian and Anthony) watch from a distance, and the first one says, "My word! What is that child doing?" When Ian kicks the dog, he exclaims, "That's dreadful!" The second British Chap says, "But that was a damn good kick!" The dog flies between them, and the first British Chap says, "Indeed."

The narrator says, "Will Anthony and Ian ever realize they're not really ghosts? Will Ian ever get a girlfriend? (he probably won't) Tune in next week to find out!".

Episode 2: Closure

"Anthony and Ian accidentally did a dance that was supposed to kill whoever did it. They now believe they are dead, and this is their Life as Ghosts."

Ian and Anthony are walking down the sidewalk. Ian asks, "What's the matter?" and Anthony replies, "I don't know, I just don't know how I'm gonna deal with the fact that I'm dead, you know?". Ian says that whenever he has a problem, he just talks to the "Big Guy Up There." He points upward and says, "Hey! Dr. Phil!". A cloud in the shape of Dr. Phil's head answers, "Yeah?" and Ian asks, "How do we cope with being dead?" Dr. Phil answers, "I think you guys need to talk to your loved ones, you know, get some closure, and get on with your lives." Anthony says he needs to talk to his girlfriend, thanks Dr. Phil, and leaves. Ian says he has someone he needs to see as well.

Anthony's Closure: Anthony's girlfriend Macy is talking on the phone. She rolls her eyes when she sees Anthony running towards her and says to the person on the phone, "It's Anthony. I don't really want to talk to him. You know what? I'm just going to ignore him. Oh! Did I tell you my puppy ran away?". Anthony sits down next to Macy. Macy says (referring to her puppy), "I miss him so much. I haven't stopped crying since he left us." Anthony wraps his arms around Macy and shakes her, saying, "I miss you, too, Macy! I just wish I could hold you in my arms forever!". Macy rolls her eyes again.

Ian's Closure: Ian says to someone off-screen, "Listen. I know we've only known eachother for such a short time, but you've touched my heart in a way no one ever has. I just had to see you one more time, just to tell you how much I care for you."

Anthony's Closure: Macy (still referring to her puppy) says, "There were a couple of things I really didn't like about him, though." Anthony lets go of her. "Like, first of all, he had really, REALLY, bad breath." Anthony smells his own breath. "And last week, he pooped on my new rug." Anthony asks to himself, "How'd she know that was me?" Macy says, "Now that I think about it, I'm actually glad he's gone. I can finally get some peace and quiet." Anthony stands up. "Thanks for breaking my heart, Macy! I hope your stupid afro catches on fire and you're bald for the rest of your life!" Then he runs away crying and saying, "My life is ruined!".

Ian's Closure: Ian says, "Look, you've been such an influence in my life, and you were there for me when no one else was." (The camera starts to zoom out, revealing that Ian has been talking to a cardboard cutout of Fabio the whole time.) "I just wanted to tell you how much I love you, Fabio." Ian puts his finger to Fabio's lips, "Shh, don't say it, your perfectly blonde, flowing hair says it all. Okay, who am I kidding? Come here you big lug!". Then Ian starts making out with the Fabio cutout.

The narrator says, "Will Ian and Anthony ever get on with their lives? Will Ian ever make out with the real Fab- Oh my God, that's, that's, I hope that's Photoshopped. Tune in next week to find out!".

Episode 3: Serious Business

"Anthony and Ian believe they are dead, and this is their Life as Roasts, I mean, Ghosts."

Anthony is sitting at a table, and he pulls out a paper bag. He takes out a hamburger and is about to take a bite when Ian walks in, holding a pile of sheets. Anthony asks what it is, and Ian replies, "Sheets, duh." Anthony asks what they're for, and Ian goes into a flashback of earlier that day. "I was walking down the street, and some rude butthead bumped into me." The man says, "Hey, watch it pal!" Ian, shocked, says, "Wait, you can see me? But I'm a ghost!" The man answers, "You don't look like a ghost. Wait a second, you're that guy that kicked my dog!"

"...So I thought we should wear these if you want to be taken seriously as ghosts. I mean, look at this thing, it's pretty cool. I made it myself." He puts it on. It's just a sheet with a mouth hole. "Meeah, look at me I'm a ghost! Smell my ghost breath!" Anthony says, "Alright, I'll do it" He puts one on as well. They both sit down. Anthony brings his previously unwrapped hamburger to his mouth, but stops. He asks Ian, "Why didn't you cut any eyeholes?" Ian puts his head in his hands and answers, "Do you know ANYTHING about ghosts?" Anthony says, "Well I know they have eyes, idiot." He tries to eat his hamburger, but it won't fit through the mouth hole. "How am I supposed to eat with such a small mouth hole?" Ian says, "It's all about technique. Watch." He sticks the hot dog through his mouthhole. "Easy." Anthony tries the same thing, but it doesn't work, and he throws the hamburger on the table and curses. After he leaves, Ian takes Anthony's hamburger and finishes it.

The narrator says, "Will Anthony ever learn how to tie his shoes? Will Smosh still be around to make Food Battle 2059? (That's a sweet 'stache) Tune in to next week's exciting series finale for all these answers and more!".

Episode 4: Realization

"Life as Ghosts"

Ian and Anthony are throwing themselves against a wall. Ian says, "I'm a ghost! Let me through!". Anthony stops him and says, "Screw this, man, we're never gonna be able to go through walls." Ian asks, "Well what else do ghosts do?" Anthony suggests scaring people. Ian suddenly gets excited and leaves, saying, "I'll be right back!" He comes back with the sheets from the previous episode, but this time Anthony refuses to put it on. Ian puts his on and insists that people are going to be so scared when they see him. He says, "Let's go scare some people!" and they leave, but Ian bumps into a wall as they do.

A man is walking up a hill and Ian pops up and tries to scare him, but trips on his sheet and rolls down the hill. Anthony runs up to a girl and starts making weird noises and jumping up and down, causing her to scream and slap him with her purse. He gets a bloody nose and has a sudden revelation. Ian continues rolling until he reaches the bottom, moaning in pain. His phone rings, and he answers it, "What?". Anthony says, "Ian! My nose it bleeding!" Ian replies, "So?" "Ghosts don't bleed! Don't you get it? We're not ghosts!" Ian stands up. "That means I'm not a ghost either, cause I just sustained a massive head wound!" Anthony walks up to him and looks at his face. "Whoa, that looks like it really hurts." Ian brushes it off, "Yeah, but it doesn't matter, cause we're not ghosts!"

They high-5 and then get on a bike, Ian pedals and Anthony sits on top of the handlebars. They start riding across the road having a good time. But they reach a cliff, and fall down it because Ian can't see. They reach the bottom of that cliff and lie on the ground in pain, but almost immediately get up and onto the bike again. They pedal for a few seconds before reaching another cliff, but this time, they actually die and become real ghosts.

The narrator says, "Will Anthony and Ian ever ge-wait, the series is over? Well screw this, I'm going home! Whoohoo!"


  • Episode 1 is the first weekly main Friday video on Smosh, although it has had a few minor inconsistencies in the first few months of it's beginning and one more in 2012 with the last being What's going on with Smosh?!.
  • In Episode 4, Ian's haircut returns to its bowl-shaped style.
  • In Episode 3, Anthony is eating a hamburger while Ian is eating a hot dog. This concept is identical to that of the "Lunchtime with Smosh" introduction.



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