Opening (Anthony) [scoffs] There are like, no superhero movies coming out in the next few years.
Shut up!
Open shot to see a man walking down a sidewalk, with a contented expression on his face.
Narrator When a normal man falls into a vat of radioactive waste...
The man stumbles into a black barrel of green, steaming radioactive waste, only his waist and legs visible. The man is struggling to escape the barrel, waving his legs frantically.
Narrator He becomes... the Lie Detector!
The screen shows a black background, as the Lie Detector's logo spins onto the screen in a crimson color, the words being sung in a corny way by background singers.
Background singers Lie Detector!
Cut scene to opening of a hospital room, where the man, now covered in bandages from the waist up (except for his mouth and eyes) and wearing a hospital tunic, is sitting up on a hospital bed and connected to various hospital machinery, among them a beeping heart moniter. A doctor, a man with grey hair and glasses and wearing a black tie and white lab coat, is sitting in a chair next to the man. A model skeleton can be seen hung on a pole, as well as various objects often found in a hospital room.
Doctor [sitting down and rolling toward patient's hospital bed] Well, looks like the radioactive waste hasn't done much [waves hand in air to emphasize amount of damage] damage to your body and you should be back to normal, in, ah... [waves hand again with uncertain face] couple of days.
Lie Detector [croaks] Liar...
Doctor [pauses before speaking, stunned and confused] You could - you could tell I was lying? [slowly looks away as he starts to thinki] The radioactive waste must have given you superpowers to tell when someone is lying! [stands up] So many [silently pounds fist on table to emphasize amount] problems in this world will be solved if people just [begins tearing up and jerks hand away to emote sentence] told the truth! [grabs Lie Detector] It's the only thing preventing world peace! [voice cracking up and grabs Lie Detector's left arm] We're gonna solve world peace! YES!

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