Let's Talk Dirty
Let's Talk Dirty 
is the 160th episode in the IanH series Smosh Pit Weekly.

Featured Articles

  • Guy Sets His Friend With An Epic Ghost Prank [Video]
  • Guy Sings Jason Derulo's 'Talk Dirty' In 20 Different Styles
  • Youtuber Surprises Homeless Guy With Free Home [Video]

Mari's Questions

  1. What's the scariest prank you've ever pulled?
  2. Magic, Magik, or Magick?
  3. Would you talk dirty to me?
  4. What goes around the world but stays in a corner?


  1. You're stuck in the world of either Decay or Outlast. Which one do you survive the longest in?

If she were in either world, she would just give up.

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