(A blue dart is thrown at a dartboard and misses the dartboard, hitting the outer surface of the machine and
Left hands?
causing the dart to fall down)


Will you stop throwing with your left hand? You're gonna put more holes in my wall.


You try playing with a broken finger. (throws a dart and lands on the outermost black area of the dartboard) Boo-yah! Three points! In your face!


Whatever, man; it's stupid.


What? Are you mad because I pwned you with my left hand? Because I'm right handed?


You only got three points.


Well... as a wise man once said, "It doesn't matter if you win by a second or a mile. Winning is winning."


Who the hell said that?


Uhh... Vin Diesel.


You know, I don't even see how throwing with your left hand makes it any harder.


You couldn't even go a day without using your right hand.

Anthony: 20 bucks says I could.

Ian: Deal! (Ian and Anthony shake hands as Ian continues talking) But seriously, you can't use your right hand for anything. Anything. (slow motion) Aaaaaaaanyyyyyyythiiiiing.

Anthony: Easiest 20 bucks I'll ever make.

(Anthony leaves the room, with Ian following him watching his right hand)

Anthony: What are you doing?

Ian: Just making sure your right hand doesn't do anything.

Anthony: Fine. I don't care.

(Anthony is then seen eating cereal, holding the spoon with his left hand as Ian watches him. Anthony strugges to get anything into his mouth. Later, he messily brushes his teath with his left hand, Ian watching him. Anthony then takes a shower, using his left hand only to shampoo his hair. Ian is also behind him, nodding. Anthony then only uses his left hand to drive while Ian runs beside the car to watch Anthony. At school, Anthony writes his essay while Ian watches and when he's done, Anthony waves his paper and the teacher grabs the paper. However, immediately after, Anthony gets his paper back with a B-. Anthony slams the desk with his left hand and pushes it towards Ian's desk. Later, Anthony tries to cut a bagel with only his left hand, but only ends up splattering blood on his face. He then tries to clip his nails, his index finger being bandaged from earlier. However, he again ends up splattering blood all over his face again).

Anthony: Stop, stop!

(Anthony is now outside sawing with Ian observing. Anthony's middle finger is now bandaged. Anthony succsessfully makes a wooden statue)

Ian: AAAAHHH! (is grabbed by a robber and held at gunpoint) Anthony!

Robber: Hand over all your money!

Ian: Okay, just please don't hurt me! (takes out a checkbook) Who do I make the check out to?

Robber: I don't accept checks!

Ian: What!? Well, I have some cash right here! (elbows the robber's side, getting to let go as Ian puts him on a headlock and points the pen at his throat)  Get rid of your gun! Drop it!

Robber: If you don't let me go, (points gun at Anthony) I'll shoot your friend!

Ian: You don't have the guts!

(The robber shoots Anthony's right arm)


Robber: If you don't start giving me some money, I'm gonna shoot someone else.

Ian: You don't have the guts!

(The robber shoots Ian's mom, who falls to the ground)

Ian: Mom! (starts crying)

Robber: Okay, seriously! If you don't give me some money, I'm gonna start shooting some more people!

Ian: I still don't think you have the-

(The robber then shoots three random people)

Ian: Okay, so maybe you have some guts.

Robber: So are you gonna give me your money now?

Ian: NO! Anthony! Quick! Knock him out!

(Anthony rushes over to the robber as the robber was about to shoot, but Ian moves the gun away as Anthony hits the robber with his left hand, with no effect. Anthony hits him again)

Ian: Just hit him with your right hand, Anthony!

Anthony: I can't!

Ian: It won't count towards the bet! I swear!

Anthony: I don't believe you! (hits the robber again)

Ian: Just do it!

Anthony: No! (hits the robber with left hand)

Ian: Just do it!

Anthony: No! (hits the robber with left hand)

Ian: Just do it!

Anthony: No! (hits the robber with left hand)

Ian: Do it!

Anthony: No! (hits the robber with left hand)

(5 Minutes Later)

Ian: Just... do it!

Anthony: No! (hits the robber with left hand)

Ian: Just do it Anthony!

Anthony: No! (hits the robber with left hand)

Robber: Guys! Can I just go home? I don't even want your money anymore!

Ian: Okay.

(The robber leaves)

Ian: Yeah, we did it man! Yeah!

(Ian and Anthony jump and high five with the message FRIENDSHIP ALWAYS WINS in a freeze frame. As soon as they land...)

Ian: You just used your right hand! You owe me 20 bucks, BITCH!

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