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March 1, 2008

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"Left Handed" is a Smosh video uploaded on March 1, 2008.


Ian and Anthony are playing darts and Anthony asks Ian to stop throwing with his left hand or else he is going to get more holes in his wall. Ian shows Anthony that he has a broken finger on his right hand, so he cannot use it to play. He then throws another dart and it lands in the three point range. Ian says in a teasing manner, "Booya! Three points! In your face!". An annoyed Anthony quits the game and mumbles, "Whatever," under his breath. Ian asks if Anthony's mad because he won, even though he used his left hand, and Anthony reminds him that he only got three points to begin with. Ian doesn't care, stating that, "A wise man once said: It doesn't matter if you're winning by a second or a mile. Winning is winning." Anthony asks who said that, and Ian says, "Um...Vin Diesel." Anthony then says that throwing with his left hand doesn't make it any harder, and Ian tells him that he couldn't go a day without using his right hand at all. They bet $20 to see if Anthony can go a day without using his right hand. Anthony leaves the room, and Ian trails behind him, looking straight at his right hand. When Anthony asks what he's doing, Ian replies, "Just making sure your right hand doesn't do anything. Anthony then carries on his normal daily activities.

He is shown trying to eat cereal, brush his teeth, take a shower, and drive a car using only his left hand. Ian is watching his every move. They are then seen in class together, with Anthony writing a paper (with his left hand) about his dog, Sparky. When he gets the paper back, a huge red "B-" marks the top of the page, and Anthony slams his fists into the desk and pushes it away.

Anthony is then shown slicing a bagel in half. He is strugging to get the knife through, and in the process of slicing, he cuts his finger. He cuts his finger again when trying to clip his fingernails. Outside, Anthony is using a saw to cut a piece of wood, and he successfully carves a wooden doll out of it. Suddenly, Ian is put into a headlock by a robber, who is also holding a gun up to his head. The robber demands Ian give him all his money, so Ian asks who to make the check out to. Ian is shocked when he learns that the robber doesn't accept checks, and then elbows him in the stomach and puts HIM into a headlock. Ian tells the robber to drop the gun, but the robber says that if Ian doesn't let him go, he'll shoot Anthony. Ian challenges him, saying, "You don't have the guts!" But the robber ends up shooting Anthony in the arm, his left arm to be exact. He then shoots Ian's mom, and three other people when Ian refuses to give him any money. Ian tells Anthony to knock out the robber, but since he can't use his right arm, he uses his useless left arm to slap the robber. Ian tells him he can use his right hand, just this once, and that it won't count towards the bet, but Anthony doesn't believe him. They then have short argument, with Ian telling Anthony to use his right hand against the robber, and Anthony refusing to. Five minutes later, the robber asks to leave, saying he doesn't even want their money anymore. After he leaves, Ian and Anthony high-five eachother, and the words, "Friendship Always Wins," appear. Anthony unfortunatley uses his right hand to high five Ian, and Ian says, "You just used your right hand! You owe me twenty bucks, BITCH!"


  • This is the first video where Ian doesn't have his famous "Bowl Haircut." Instead, he has a haircut similar to Ben Stiller's.
  • Even though Ian said Anthony can't use his right hand for anything, Anthony uses his right hand when he pushes this desk away after getting a B- on his test and when he gets shot.
  • Anthony writes about his dog Sparky in the test. However, Sparky is Ian's dog, not Anthony's.
  • Ian uses his right hand to eat his bagel.
  • The "Friendship always wins" poster is based off of this episode.
  • It is revealed that Ian and Anthony are both right-handed.


Left Handed/Script

Shut Up! Opening

"Congratulations! You have been selected to win two free-SHUT UP!"



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