LeVar Burton Buys Smosh (April Fools)


April 1, 2009

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LeVar Burton

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Anthony's Death

LeVar Burton Buys Smosh (April Fools)02:09

LeVar Burton Buys Smosh (April Fools)

LeVar Burton Buys Smosh (April Fools) is a Smosh episode released April 1, 2009.


LeVar Burton tells everyone that he will be running Smosh. He says that every time is better now that he's changed the videos to his standards. He then shows Food Battle 2008, Transformers Rap, Smosh Short 2: Stranded, That Damn Prison Break and Teleporting Fat Guy (video) LeVar Burton-ized. This all turns out to be an April Fool's joke in the end.


  • LeVar changes Teleporting Fat Guy to Teleporting Black Guy.

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