Nature Break 4


July 30, 2012

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Nature Break



Characters Featured:

Dr. Michael W. Hollingsworth, Ryan, Johnny, Wayne, Rusty, Krista

Previous Episode:

I Am Iron Man

Next Episode:

Hit It Twice

LMAO is the fourth episode and of the Shut Up! Cartoons series Nature Break. It was uploaded on July 30, 2012.

Brief Synopsis: Dr. Hollingsworth parks his car in a bad neighborhood...



Bee's are flying around a bee hive, buzzing round.

Skit 1: Ryan and Johnny (Cockroaches)

Johnny starts off by asking Ryan if he could help him study for the "texting spelling bee". Ryan asks Johnny to spell "OMG". Johnny says the "O" and the "M". Thinks. Then he says the "G". Ryan asks Johnny to spell "LMAO". Johnny says the "L", the "M", and the "A". Thinks. Then he asks if he could hear it in a sentence. Ryan gives him the sentence and Johnny spells the word correct. Johnny's next word is a heart shape (<3). Johnny says greater than three but it is actually lesser than three. They then die by a street cleaner.

Skit 2: Wayne (Sloth), Rusty (Chameleon), and Krista (Chameleon)

Krista starts off by asking Rusty if he will be alright if she goes out. Rusty confronts her and says she better be home on time. Krista kisses Rusty good-bye and she leaves. Wayne asks where she is going. Rusty responds by saying she has girls night out. Rusty says while she is gone he is gonna masturbate. He comes from the generation of masturbaters. He does it to internet web cam models. His dad did it to dirty movies. His dad's dad did it to magazines. His dad's dad's dad did it to sexy morse code messages. His dad's dad's dad's dad did it to the cauction. His dad's dad's dad's dad's dad's dad did it to the pyramids in egypt. His dad's dad's dad's dad's dad's dad's dad did it to fire. Krista then comes back and Rusty says she just left. Krista said she was gone for five hours and Rusty though it was five minutes. Krista finds out he was talking about masturbation again. She said he losses track of time when he talks about touching himself. They then shatter by an opera singer.

Shut Up! Opening

I'm talking masturbation. SHUT UP! Cartoons.

The Conservation League for Dodo Preservation: Raising the awareness for the- what's that? They are. All of them? Ugh, nevermind.


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