Lizard Rabies


May 21, 2010

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Ian Hecox, Anthony Padilla, Lizard

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"Lizard Rabies!" is a Smosh video, uploaded on May 21, 2010.


One day, Ian and Anthony are bored and falling asleep. Waking up, Ian suggests they play a board game, but Anthony refuses. When Ian asks why not, Anthony says that he thinks Ian needs to go to anger management before he plays another board game with him. In response, Ian hollers at Anthony to name one time since he has had anger problems.

For example, Ian challenges Anthony to guess how many water bottles are in a package and Anthony guesses 24. Ian denies this, only for Anthony to point out that the package says so. Then Ian takes out a bottle to prove Anthony wrong and throws it at his grandfather.

In another instance, Anthony challenges Ian who can raise their hand quicker and Anthony wins, which makes an angry Ian curse out loud.

In another example, Ian and Anthony are playing Cranium Cadoo when Ian makes a poop-shaped object out of clay. While Ian is getting impatient, Anthony has trouble guessing what it is. Frustrated, Ian yells, "The clue is a singer and it looks like a piece of crap!". Anthony is confused as to how Ian's shape makes sense to his clue until Ian shouts, "It's Ke$ha!".

Ian explains to Anthony that he was only mad because his dog Sparky got ran over that day (which made him "super pissed") and his house was burned down. But the main thing that made Ian have anger problems was due to his pet lizard getting diagnosed with lizard rabies, which made him freak out and get superhuman strength. This also made the lizard break out of his own cage and then bite Ian on the neck, thus infecting him with lizard rabies. Anthony asks Ian in a disbelieving tone if he had lizard rabies that day and Ian replies yes. Finally, Anthony gives in and tells Ian he will play a "stupid" board game with him, which makes Ian gasp happily and get excited.

The game that Ian and Anthony are playing is Scrabble. When it is Ian's turn, he makes the words "WATCHOUTMYLIZARDGOTOUTOFHISCAGE". Anthony says that it wasn't even a word (but it is a sentence), however, Ian tries to motion with his eyes that his lizard really did get out of his cage and was about to bite Anthony. Ian's lizard appears behind a basket, jumps onto Anthony's neck, and bites him. As Anthony falls, Ian turns around suddenly wearing a suit. He does a PSA talking about the dangers of lizard rabies. Then he says he has to take Anthony to the ER since the lizard really did have lizard rabies.

A close-up of the lizard is shown with scary music playing and the lizard growling.

Trivia / Goofs

  • Ian could not remain in his house in good health when he got bit by his rabid lizard. Suspension of disbelief is used here.
  • When Ian throws the bottle at Anthony's Grandpa, a wilhelm scream is heard.
  • When Ian is explaining the rabies spreading, his tie is slightly crooked.
  • Another wilhelm scream is heard in the deleted Jenga scene when Ian throws a block at Anthony's grandpa
  • On, The description spells "Board" as "Borad"
  • In "Going To The Mountains" It's Said Anthony Was Immune To Rabies But Not In This Episode.

Subscription Ending

"Thanks for Buscribing!"

Shut Up! Opening

"*Dogs Barking* SHUT UP!"



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