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July 20, 2012 (Smosh)
July 22, 2012 (El Smosh)

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Anthony, Ian, pirate guy, Anthony's girlfriend, other woman, scared crowd, basketball player, space shuttle instructor, space shuttle student

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LIFE HACKING! is a Smosh video uploaded on July 20, 2012.


Anthony and Ian program buttons to hack real life and do whatever they please.



Ian and Anthony are typing programming code on their computers and putting that into their hack buttons. The two bet each other about who can do the most awesome hacks.

Skin Hack

Anthony distracts Ian thinking someone is visiting him by transforming himself into a girl. Ian believes this and starts to take off his shirt, but Anthony shows his real self. Ian screams in shock. (HACKED!)

Wall Hack

Anthony tells Ian that he will run right through the wall. Anthony presses his hack button and runs to the wall after throwing his button to Ian. However, Ian de-activated the hack (DE-HACK-TIVATED!), making Anthony hit himself at the wall. (HACKED!)

Aimbot Hack

Ian uses the Aimbot Hack to throw rings around a bottle to win a stuff animal made from China that he is most likely going to throw away when he gets home. Ian gets two out of three rings to the bottle, but Anthony uses his Aimbot Hack to aim his gun at the ring so Ian will lose. (HACKED!)

Gravity Hack

Anthony tells Ian to film him do the world record for the most backflips and uses the Gravity Hack to do that. However, due to lack of gravity, Anthony can't get down. (HACKED!)

Big Head Hack Part 1

With their big heads, Ian and Anthony chased their neighbors all around the neighborhood. (HACKED!)

Lag Hack

A girl rates her date with Anthony an eleven. Ian ruins the date by using the Lag Hack. When Anthony got up to use the bathroom, he randomly starts appearing in random places, including his face in between another girl's breasts, where the girl he's dating calls him a pig. (NICE RACK! I mean HACKED!)

Alternate Scene

Anthony rates the date eleven and a half because of the corn beef.

Limb Hack

Ian replies "What's a Limb Hack?". Anthony holds up a small axe and maniacly replies "This!" and hacks off Ian's lower arm. Ian initially screams, but then laughs at the joke. (HACKED! (Literally))


Ian cleans the entire living room in just seconds. Anthony thought he used the Speed Hack, but replied "Nope, I just smoked a s**t ton of meth!"(METH way better than hacking!)

Big Head Hack Part 2

As Ian makes a PSA about the use of meth, Anthony gives Ian a big head in the middle of the PSA. Ian yells at Anthony, telling him that it's supposed to be a "serious frickin' video." (HACKED!)

Super Jump Hack

Ian uses the hack to bet a basketball player he can do a slam dunk. However, after jumping, Ian can't get down to do the dunk and swirls into space. (HACKED!)


Ian and Anthony are still up high, due to their gravity hacks that they performed. Since they were so high, they fell out of Earth's Orbit and froze into space. But push comes to shove, a space shuttle crashes into lan and Anthony, killing them. It reveals that a student (lan) was driving the Space Shuttle, since the Instructor (Anthony) said that he should watch for pedestrians even though he didn't. The Instructor expells him, from the Shuttle and the student freezes up on his chair getting shot by a TIE Fighter.





  • The Apple logo on lan and Anthony's Macbooks are changed to Pac-Man (Anthony's) and a Ghost (lan's).
  • When Ian and Anthony are programming at the beginning of the video, they are copying an already existing code from Linux.
  • The title card may be a homage to The Matrix.
  • In the first hack, the Pikachu doll from various videos is seen on Anthony's bed.
  • When Anthony and Ian are chasing the neighborhood people while they have big heads, it can be noted that their shadows have normal-sized heads.
  • The big head hack might be a referance to the video game Goldeneye 007 since there was a big head cheat in the menu.
  • The fake severed arm prop has been in Smosh since 2007 starting with Handshake.
  • This video's El Smosh counterpart has a still from the dating scene in the thumbnail.
  • The "Please Stand By" screen that was seen after the meth scene has Smosh Symbols in each circle and in the middle one, near the top is a picture of 2006 Anthony with Boxman.
  • Strangely, the Hack Buttons are not Staples easy buttons.
  • In the space shuttle, behind the Instructor is a notice that says that the space shuttle is for use by authorized personnel and call 555-260-PEN15, which is a reference to SECRET CLUB REVEALED! and is another penis joke.
  • Anthony is most likely the winner because he preformed five different hacks while Ian preformed four (including dehacking Anthony's hack).

Shut Up! Opening

"I wish I could hack myself a girlfriend. SHUT UP!"

Subscription Closing

"Quick! Click the button to use Subscribe Hack!"



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