"Can I get stepped on? Oh, no! Oh, you stepped on me! You son of a bitch! You son of a bitch, you squished Luke! You asshole. You'll pay for that."
Lasercorn upon getting crushed by an AT-AT piloted by Jovenshire

Game Star Wars: Battlefront II
Release Date November 25, 2012
Length 13:48
Views 1.1M+ (July 2017)
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Episode 9
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LASERCORN VS JOVENSHIRE BATTLEFRONT 2 is the ninth episode of the Smosh Games series Raging Bonus, hosted by Jovenshire and Lasercorn. This episode, Lasercorn gives Joven a chance to win against him in Star Wars: Battlefront II and the loser will have to wear a Twilight t-shirt for three videos.

It was released on November 25, 2012 alongside BEST GAME OF THE YEAR.


Star Wars Battlefront 2 Challenge with Jovenshire and Lasercorn
Loser has to wear a twilight shirt in 3 videos



Lasercorn mentions how Joven lost to Sohinki in a previous video and now Sohinki can slap Joven once in any three future videos. Lasercorn is going to give Joven the chance to beat him in Battlefront II, which they were "so stoked" to find on Steam. The loser will have to wear a Twilight team shirt for three future videos.

Round 1: Hoth

Joven is playing for the Empire and Lasercorn is playing for the Rebels. Lasercorn stole someone's tauntaun and goes to steal an Imperial base, commenting on his "endless" supply of tauntauns. He points out the the Rebels are beating the Empire 136-130. Joven switches from a snowtrooper to Darth Vader while Lasercorn is trying to find him. Joven accidentally reveals that he is playing as Vader while Lasercorn switches to Luke Skywalker. Upon learning this, Joven challenges him to "bring it on" and asks Lasercorn for his location. Lasercorn asks Joven if he is stealing a certain base and arrives there. Lasercorn enters the base and sees Joven, as Vader, leaving. Lasercorn throws his lightsaber at a surprised Joven who tries to escape. After a brief duel, Lasercorn kills Joven.

Still as Luke, Lasercorn sees Joven as a snowtrooper near a walking AT-AT and promptly kills him again. Lasercorn continues killing Imperial troops. Joven is now piloting an AT-AT and steps on Lasercorn (who was ironically wondering if he could be stepped on by an AT-AT). Cursing Joven and while Joven himself is in hysterics, Lasercorn vows revenge. Lasercorn (still as Luke) runs to an Imperial base with the intention of stealing it. Joven, now back as Vader, runs up behind Lasercorn and catches Lasercorn off guard. They duel again, all the while Lasercorn is panicking about his declining health and escapes the base, with Joven right behind. They throw their lightsabers at each other. Joven's misses, but Lasercorn's connects, killing Joven for a second time. Lasercorn runs back to the base and captures it.

Joven is piloting an AT-AT and starts shooting at Lasercorn and manages to kill him. They briefly debate about the score, while Joven (now a snowtrooper) and Lasercorn (now a Rebel snow trooper carrying a rocket launcher) run to the same base on opposite entrances. Lasercorn fires a rocket at Joven. Joven tries to throw a grenade at Lasercorn, but misses and it bounces off the wall, exploding and launching Joven's corpse out the window, to their mutual surprise. Lasercorn captures the base while shooting at stormtroopers outside.

The two switch back to Luke and Vader. Joven catches a base and strikes down more Rebel soldiers. He and Lasercorn meet in the middle of map and engage in a third duel, this time with more twisting and jumping and moving. During the duel, Lasercorn Force jumps a great distance away. Joven tries to follow with the same move, but is shot down by a cannon mid-air. They meet back at a base and Lasercorn wins the duel. Soon after, the battle ends and the Rebel Alliance wins. Lasercorn has 82 kills and Jovenshire has 42 kills.

Round 2: Geonosis

Joven is playing for the Separatists and Lasercorn is playing for the Republic. Lasercorn steals a Separatist base while Joven is killed by someone's rocket launcher. Lasercorn kills Joven with an AT-TE and starts to shoot a nearby OG-9 homing spider droid. Joven, playing as a different spider droid, shoots Lasercorn's AT-TE. They start shooting at each other, but Lasercorn destroys the spider droid and, soon after, blasts Joven. Joven spawns as Count Dooku and starts swinging at a hailfire droid hijacked by Lasercorn. Lasercorn starts shooting at Joven, who escapes but is killed anyway. The round soon ends with Lasercorn having 25 kills and Joven having 20 kills.

Round 3: Naboo

Same sides. Lasercorn spawns and immediately comes under heavy fire by Joven, but manages to blast him dead. They spawn in the real game and Joven is piloting an AAT and Lasercorn switches to Obi-Wan Kenobi. Lasercorn triple-jumps over the river and runs around the map and finally spots a few enemies and begins slaughtering them. He runs up a staircase and engages with a droideka. Joven asks how to 'accept' (F1) and spawns next to Lasercorn, who kills him. Joven is now playing as Darth Maul. Lasercorn mounts an AT-RT and begins blasting at enemies, including Joven, who escapes up the staircase. Lasercorn dismounts the walker and begins pursuit. Joven, however, is waiting next to the staircase behind a wall. As soon as Lasercorn runs past Joven, Joven swiftly attacks him, knocking him back. Joven continued attacking Lasercorn's limp body until he was dead, much to his joy. Lasercorn switches to a Clone Commader and comes across Joven, still as Maul, who starts bashing at him until Lasercorn starts rapidly firing a chaingun at him, killing Joven. Lasercorn comments on how the Separatists are winning 75-64.

Lasercorn, now in a walker, is searching for Joven, who is firing at him from the other side of a tunnel. Lasercorn spots and blasts him. Joven switches back to Darth Maul and they fight, with Lasercorn still in a walker. Joven's saberstaff comes dangerously close to hitting Lasercorn, but Lasercorn manages to blast Joven. Soon after, the battles ends with 51 kills for Lasercorn and 33 kills for Jovenshire.


Ignoring Lasercorn's inquiries about whether he is Team Edward or Team Jacob, Jovenshire admits that losing the bet was worth playing Battlefront II again. They recap about the battles they fought during the episode, especially the scene in which Joven kills Lasercorn with a huge Force push. Lasercorn and Jovenshire go play more Battlefront II as the episode ends.


  • Joven's facecam was frozen for the entirety of the first round.
  • During anytime Joven or Lasercorn were killed by the other, a sound clip of their character yelling played. Vader's yell of agony was from the end of Revenge of the Sith and Obi-Wan's yell was from the end of The Phantom Menace.

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