Krogzilla is the main star of Krogzilla on Shut Up! Cartoons.



Krogzilla is a sea monster that was born in a volcano at the edge of the world, measuring 200 feet tall. When he was at war with the folly of man, they nearly destroyed him and the change unemployed him. Which forced him to get a job like a human in America, where he met his best friend Marcus from a fast-food restaurant in the mall. Though Krog was shrunk, his arch-nemesis Regurgitor has been getting more fame than Krog is.

Various Jobs:

These are the various jobs that Krogzilla took but possibly failed:

  • Big Dogs (Hot Dog Restaurant)
  • Mall Ice Cream Kiosk
  • Building Design/Architect
  • Movie Theater Usher
  • Party Marty (Kid's Brithday Entertainer)
  • Pet Store Worker
  • Teacher
  • Price Bombers (Sam's Club-like store)
  • Tearing down old buildings
  • Audition for a character on Pubertina


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