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Krogzilla is the main star of Krogzilla on Shut Up! Cartoons.


KroguGoji Edit

Krogzilla is a sea monster that was born in a volcano at the edge of the world, measuring 200-feet tall. When he was at war with the folly of man, they nearly destroyed him and the change unemployed him. Which forced him to get a job like a human in America, where he met his best friend Marcus from a fast-food restaurant in the mall. Though Krog was shrunk, his arch-nemesis Regurgitor has been getting more fame than Krog is.

Various Jobs:Edit

These are the various jobs that Krogzilla took but possibly failed:

  • Big Dogs (Hot Dog Restaurant)
  • Mall Ice Cream Kiosk
  • Building Design/Architect
  • Movie Theater Usher
  • Party Marty (Kid's Brithday Entertainer)
  • Pet Store Worker
  • Teacher
  • Price Bombers (Sam's Club-like store)
  • Tearing Down old buildings
  • Audition for a character on Pubertina


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