Kratos Vs. Lo Wang is the fourth episode in the SmoshGames series PVP. In honor of Movember, they are joined by Michael Schroeder from Warp Zone to debate the manliest characters in video game history.

Round 1

Lo Wang from the Shadow Warrior (Lasercorn) vs. Kratos (Schroeder) 

Lo Wang

  1. He is a killing machine (with some gods as victims) like Kratos.
  2. He spouts puns based off of his name.
  • Kratos can only carry 4 weapons, while Lo can carry 9, including a crossbow that uses explosive lightning arrows.

*He also has a demon head that shoots lasers


  1. He is a killing machine with divine weapons.
  2. He allows the player to have virtual threesomes through quick-time events.
  • Those are all weapons that Kratos has already used.

Round 2

Snake (Schroeder) vs. Barret Wallace (Jovenshire)


  1. He is the father of stealth-action gameplay.
  2. Snake is well-equipped for his missions.
  3. He is an efficient soldier.
  • He is able to defeat technology beyond his understanding.

Barret Wallace

  1. While Snake has a plethora of guns, Barret has an automatic gun on his arm.
  2. He is a great father.
  • Barret saved the goddamn world from Jenova and Sephiroth.

Round 3

John Marston (Jovenshire) vs. B.J. Blazkowicz (Lasercorn)

John Marston

  1. He is a cowboy, a group portayed as taming the wild west.
  2. He has an amazing beard.
  • Not even death could stop him.

B.J. Blazkowicz

  1. Blazkowicz took down Mecha Hitler and his army.
  • Blazkowicz could slice him in half and gun him down before Marston could retaliate.
  • B.J. is very resilient (he takes a ton of hits before he dies.)


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