Keith Leak Jr.


Keith O'Brien Leak Jr.

Date of Birth

October 22, 1991 (age 26)



Years Active


YouTube Channel:

Smosh Keith








Kiara Leak (sister)
Kansas Leak (sister)
Caleb (half-brother)
Britney Leak (sister)

Keith O'Brien Leak Jr. (born October 22, 1991) is an American actor and regular Smosh cast member. On March 13th, 2015, Smosh announced that Keith, Olivia Sui, and Noah Grossman were now joining the Smosh recurring cast. His Smosh YouTube channel is Smosh Keith.

He is the host of the Smosh Pit series, One Hour Song Machine, and is one half of the House Band on You Posted That? along with Scott Passarella as well.


  • Before Smosh, Keith played the TV movie Just the Two of Us and TV mini-series Livin' N NoHo.
  • Keith also has another YouTube channel, keithleaktv, but it only contains seven videos and has not had a new one since April of 2014.
  • Keith has at least two sisters.
  • Keith was the first Smosh Squad member to appear on Smosh, doing so on December 5, 2014 in the video, Magic iPod.
  • Keith voiced the Edible Cactus during Food Battle X voting.
  • Keith is from Ohio.
  • He portrayed Garvey in the movie "Mono".
  • He is shipped with Noah Grossman a lot and the two often make fun of this by messing around each other by flirting and joking with each other.
  • As a child, Keith played soccer for 12 years and won 600 trophies.
  • Keith's favorite color is green.
  • Keith's Smosh YouTube channel has no video uploads, being the only member of the Smosh Squad to have none.
  • Keith was on the verge of crying in FANS ROAST US AGAIN! (The Show w/ No Name).