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Kassem Gharaibeh

Date of Birth:

October 10, 1983 (age 33)



YouTube Channel:

Kassem G

Years Active:


Kassem Gharaibeh, also known as KassemG is a Jordanian-American YouTuber, known for his "California on" series in which he goes around Los Angeles asking members of the public various questions about certain topics. He has also collaborated with various famed YouTubers such as Smosh and Epic Rap Battles of History. He previously played a role, along with Smosh, in Ryan Higa's short film "Agents of Secret Stuff".

If Cartoons Were Real

KassemG appears in the Peanuts segment of this episode where he plays Mr. Kassem, a schoolteacher who messes with his students by talking in the way all adults do in the "Peanuts" franchise.

The Pokemon Master!

KassemG plays the primary antagonist of this episode, although it is later revealed to be Ian's Mom. In the episode, he hunts down Anthony for tips to catch Mewtwo, as Anthony had caught all 151 Pokémon. When he finally captures him, Anthony refuses to help him. Kassem shoots Ian in return, Anthony not caring if he does so. After threatening to shoot Anthony's Game Boy, Anthony agrees to help him. Anthony tells him that he needs to use the Master Ball to catch Mewtwo, but Kassem used his one and only Master Ball to catch a Level 5 Pidgey. Anthony, in anger, begins to strangle Kassem, until it is revealed that it was Ian's Mom in a mask. Ian's Mom says, "And I would have gotten away with it, if it weren't for you meddling kids!". She then asks Anthony if he wants to go "snailing" (planking in a snail position), to which Anthony happily agrees.

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