Anthony & Kalen just after they said they broke up

Anthony & Kalel, just after they said they are no longer together.

Going Our Separate Ways, released on December 4, 2014, was the video officially announcing Kalel Cullen and Anthony Padilla's break up in November of 2014 and the end of WatchUsLiveAndStuff, now called Kalel. They said they would like to remain good friends. Their reason for breaking up is that they felt they have grown farther apart and did not quite feel how they used to anymore. The video was deleted off the channel as well as every other video containing Anthony. It is still available as a re-upload on multiple other YouTube channels in fairly decent quality.

Effect on Smosh and WULAS/Kalel Fandom

When Anthony and Kalel broke up, Ian and Melanie Moat had broken up earlier that year, and people felt that Ian and Anthony were funnier after their breakups, or happier. People believed that Anthony would stop being vegan because of the assumption that Kalel influenced him or maybe did it forcibly to an extent, given her personality. Though, as of October 2017, Anthony still remains a vegan.

WatchUsLiveAndStuff was renamed to Kalel Kitten then simply to Kalel while keeping the same WULAS URL. The subscribers on WULAS dropped by over 100,000 subscribers after their break up video was posted. The day after the video was posted, December 5, the channel lost over 10,500 subscribers in total. In 2016, the channel reached over 2 million subscribers, surpassing WULAS's highest amount of subscribers at about 1.89 million. Though Kalel and Anthony's 2016 drama dropped the channel's subscribers to 1.93 million subscribers.

It does not seem, however, that the break up of Anthony and Kalel has had a marked impact on Smosh's subscribers, negative nor positive. However, Anthony's second Draw My Life referenced the breakup, and Kalel's subscriber count commenced a continuous drop after the upload, although it is not conclusive that the breakup reference influenced her subscriber count.

Kalel prerecorded an indeterminate amount of dialogue for her character "Kalel" in Smosh Babies when she and Anthony were together and they continue to be put out at random dates, pitting her character with Anthony's.

Even though they were supposed to remain friends, there have been no appearances of Kalel in Smosh videos or vice versa.

2016 Drama and Revelations

On April 21, Kalel put out a series of tweets on Twitter that someone she had loved for four years had unfollowed her, calling the person a bitch. She referred to the person as being a guy and "salty". People easily assumed it was Anthony, since their relationship lasted four years and he had recently unfollowed her on Twitter.

This is the first time she has mentioned the break up in approximately a little over one year.

Anthony's "Draw My Life" Video

On October 7, Anthony posted a new "Draw My Life" video and from 8:25 to 8:55 talked about how when he was 25 years old he was in a "manipulative relationship with someone that I now feel was using me". He also said he was so "thoroughly walked on that I would seek approval from her for every aspect of my life". Also stating that it brought his self-confidence level to an all-time low and as all toxic relationships go he didn't realize how bad it really was until months later. Though Anthony did not name who he was referring to or any personal information about his partner, he did not need to because at 25 years old, he was in a relationship with Kalel.

Kalel's Reaction

Kalel tweeted out that she would not stoop to his level.

However, Kalel later responded with a screenshot of text she wrote in a word processing program, clarifying many of Anthony's words and telling her side of the relationship, breakup and its aftermath. She also responded to some people on Twitter, clarifying that the tweet calling someone a bitch had in fact been referencing Anthony.

The next day, she tweeted Anthony a series of tweets, asking him to take down the video that she said had false accusations and told him she was happy he is happy, reminding him he stayed with her time and time again even though she was a difficult person to love.

I would appreciate it if you removed the false accusation from your video. It's been two years. You're better than this. I'm not an easy person to love. You knew that. But YOU made the choice to be w/me, time & time again. You know DAMN WELL that I wasn't using you. I'm ashamed that you would say that, knowing that your fans would come for me. I'm truly sorry for the hurt I've caused you. It's why I tried leaving so many times. And I'm so happy to see you happy! But let's leave the past in the past. There is no point in bringing it up now. It's time to move on. Best wishes.

Did She Manipulate Him?

The subject of whether Kalel manipulated Anthony blew up after the tweets responding to Anthony's video. Many videos from fans were created and posted to YouTube, a majority putting Kalel in the wrong and agreeing that she did manipulate him during the course of the relationship. Articles about this subject have been created on websites including Reddit and Superfame. This drama has lost Kalel's channel nearly 20,000 subscribers. As of 2017, the subject has died down considerately though most still blame for the breakup and many have grown a dislike towards her.

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