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Kalel Cullen

Hi kk

Kalel Cullen (born Kristen Smith)
30 March 1989 (age 26)
YouTube Channel:
Former YouTube Channels:


Kalel & Kabuki

Frilly & Fancy


Los Angeles, California
Anthony Padilla (fiance; formerly)

Kalel Cullen (birth name Kristin Smith) is a YouTuber who made vlogs and other videos on her channel. She was Anthony's former fiancé.

They got engaged on June 29, 2013, but released a video on December 4, 2014, stating that they had broken up, but assuring the viewers that they were still friends.

Kalel has only appeared in three Smosh videos: "HOW TO DUMP YOUR GIRLFRIEND!" as Anthony's new wife, "POKEMON IN REAL LIFE 4!" & "If Video Games Were Real 2" as the in-suit Jigglypuff.

Personal life

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Kalel met Anthony in 2010 at a party. After a month of being friends, they started dating on 10th October 2010. They lived together in Los Angeles, California along with their cats Kabuki, Pip and Mogwai until the end of their relationship. She now lives with her new boyfriend along with Kabuki and Mogwai (Now renamed Chibi).

Before she dated Anthony, she had two YouTube channels, KalelCullenTV and QueenBeeuty. She posted mostly vlogs, advice, and opinions on KalelCullenTV and beauty videos on QueenBeeuty.

In her last QueenBeeuty video, she announced she would no longer make beauty videos but post a video once or twice a month on her new channel Cozplai, where she would be posting tutorials showing how to make cosplay costumes for her favorite characters. Cozplai didn't receive more than 100,000 subscribers during its running period.

After a few months of Cozplai, Kalel felt that the channel was too much work and did not like the idea of putting on makeup on camera, and decided to start a new channel called WonderlandWardrobe in between September and October 2012, consisting of DIY, vlogs and fashion videos. By June 2013, the channel reached 400,000 subscribers. However, sometime after, Kalel decided she wanted to pursue her dream of becoming a fashion designer, therefore wouldn't have time to post videos to her channel. Then, she revealed that she would be starting a new channel called WatchUsLiveAndStuff with Anthony, which consisted of vlogs, tags and challenges posted almost daily. After only one and a half months of starting, with 45 videos, the channel had already reached 500,000 subscribers. WatchUsLiveAndStuff now consists of Kabuki and her. 

Whilst on vacation in Japan with Anthony, he proposed to Kalel while recording a vlog after nearly 3 years of dating ("A Romantic Day in Japan").

On December 4, 2014, she and Anthony publicly announced that they had broken up.



Kalel during her WonderlandWardrobe channel

  • Kalel and Anthony were good friends with Felix (PewDiePie) and his girlfriend Marzia (CutiePieMarzia). The state of the friendship when it comes to Kalel and Felix/Marzia is unknown as of 2015, although Marzia has claimed she did not talk to Kalel when she was California in 2015 because Kalel was out of town.
  • Kalel has had six YouTube channels.
  • Kalel has dyed her hair many different colors.
  • Kalel was good at math in her freshmen and sophmore years of high school, but not so much in her junior and senior years. However, when she went back to school for a bit, she scored a 100 on her math aptitude test.
  • On her QueenBeeuty channel, Kalel lied about her being in her third year of college, she was only in her first semester. She said she lied about this because she wanted to be a role model for her viewers. This transgression has not been forgotten and is brought up many times.
  • She changed her name to Kalel Cullen because she felt her birth name didn't fit her.
  • She was once good friends with Melanie Moat, Ian's ex-girlfriend. However, she revealed on twitter that they were no longer good friends. As of 2016, she follows her.
  • Her former roommate is JoeyGraceffa.
  • She previously used to live, and is still good friends, with Andrea from AndreasChoice as well.
  • Her best friend is her cat Kabuki.
  • Anthony was her best friend as well before their break-up.
  • She is a fan of American Horror Story.
  • Kalel admitted that she masturbates daily when she is single.
  • She changed her name to Kalel after Superman's real name Kal'El.
  • She is a big fan of Superman.
  • She mainly uses MAC products.
  • Her style/fashion sense has changed continuously over the years.
  • During QueenBeeuty, she constantly dyed her hair different colors.
  • She and Anthony dated from 10 October 2010 to November 2014 (As stated in their official break-up video.)
  • On her engagement ring, the roman numeral X (10) was engraved to symbolize that they had began dating on 10 October 2010.
  • She cannot bear to be on vacation for more than 5 days because she does not like leaving Kabuki, although this does appear to have changed, as her and Anthony traveled on a 10 day vacation across Western Europe in July/August 2014.
  • She is a big fan of Animal Crossing.
  • She has a Pikachu 3DS.
  • She loves Pokemon (a trait she had in common with Anthony)
  • As of 2013, her style was very girly and cute (Kawaii).
  • She and Anthony had been wanting to go to Japan together since they first started dating.
  • In August 2013 they got a new cat - Pip , which is the same breed as Kabuki (Savannah cat). Pip now resides with Anthony.
  • Kalel has been a vegan since 2013, she is now a huge supporter of animal rights causes and organizations (e.g. PETA), to the point where she actually sold all her real fur and leather clothing in late 2014.
  • Anthony ate vegan around Kalel to support her and became a full vegan as well to this day.
  • As a child, she collected American Girl dolls.
  • They originally planned to get married on October 10, 2015, which would have marked their 5th anniversary.
  • As of 2013, she had started a new blog named Frilly and Fancy. That blog as of December 2015 has been inactive since July, 2014 and is now deleted.
  • As of May 26, 2013, she has appeared on two Smosh Games videos (Minecraft Hunger Games and Minecraft Revisited (both I Have a Raging Bonus).
  • She and Anthony have made appearances in the Fine Brothers (TheFineBros) series YouTubers React.
  • She voiced herself in the Smosh Babies episode Lost in the Toy Aisle.
  • Kalel stated in Twitter that she is no longer going to post vlogs, because she wants to keep her private life away from the cameras. [1] In the later half of 2015, she began posting vlogs again, documenting a very different life from her channel with Anthony.
  • Kalel had plans to have a rhinoplasty in February 2016. She has put it on hold.
  • Went to South Africa in January 2016 and Morocco in May of that same year.
  • She went on Accutane in 2015, which caused terrible effects, one of the worst being suicidal thoughts.
  • She got her first job at 15, working at an ice cream shop.
  • She had a crush on Alvin from Alvin and the Chipmunks when she was little.
  • She has had braces twice.
  • Her college job was working as a Hooter’s Girl.
  • As of 2016, has entered into her second relationship since her breakup with Anthony.
  • She likes to post selfies on Snapchat, using filters and graphics.


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