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Kalel (originally WatchUsLiveAndStuff, then to Kalel Kitten) was the YouTube channel of Anthony Padilla and his ex-fiance, Kalel Cullen, where they did vlogs, gaming videos, yoga, and other activities. The two made videos with their cats, Kabuki and Pip. The third cat, Mogwai, was added right before their separation and is now under the care of Kalel. WatchUsLiveAndStuff has now became Kalel's main channel and her fourth one due to the separation of Anthony and her in November/December 2014 and has since been renamed twice.


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Soon after Anthony revived his channel AnthonyPadilla and started making more random videos, he decided


WULAS profile picture right after their break up and until September, 2015.

to make a new channel with his then-girlfriend, now ex-fiancée, Kalel. The channel was named WatchUsLiveAndStuff. It was created on May 29th, 2013, but the first video was uploaded on June 10th, 2013. Among random videos showing their life at their house/apartment, mail videos or trips either to concerts or abroad, there were notable videos like A Romantic Day in Japan, in which Anthony proposed to Kalel, OUR NEW BABY!! being the first video of Pip or What Have We Been Up To? where viewers find out that they are moving into a smaller apartment. Presently, as of August 2017, the channel has over 1,960,000 subscribers and loses subscribers, as opposed to being able to boast a net gain, faster than most channels on YouTube.

As Kalel

On Thursday, December 4, 2014, Anthony and Kalel announced that they were no longer together and that the channel would likely cease to be updated, but if it were to then it would probably be only Kalel with her cats Kabuki and Mogwai (now called Chibi). Anthony said that in the future he MIGHT post on his channel Anthony Padilla but that was a big might. Unlike what they had originally announced, Kalel posted a video on the channel only four days later on December 8th and regularly posts videos at least once a week. Kalel has also removed all videos of her and Anthony from WULAS. These used to be able to be viewed on the independent channel WatchUsDeleteAndStuff. Unfortunately, they aren't available anymore since it was reported due to copy right issues. As of January 2015, the channel was renamed from WatchUsLiveAndStuff to Kalel Kitten. It was later changed to simply Kalel. The only existing part of WULAS is the URL, which remains WatchUsLiveAndStuff was renamed to Kalel Kitten then simply to Kalel, while keeping the same WULAS URL. The subscribers on WULAS dropped by over 100,000 after their break up video was posted. The day after the video was posted, December 5, the channel lost over 10,500 subscribers in total. At the end of 2015 the subscriber amount evened back out but did not get to where it was before when it was WULAS. During the course of 2016 the subscribers hit over 2 million beating out the maximum it had been as WULAS at 1.89 million. After Anthony and Kalel's October, 2016 drama the channel lost nearly 20,000 subscribers currently at a little over 1.93 million.

The Fan Base

The fan base and viewer's views on the Kalel and on Kalel Cullen are very biased. In most cases it seems like fans either hate or love her to an extent. Many fans have lashed out towards her and the channel for her actions and her very "stuck-up" attitude she presents on the channel and her attitude towards her viewers. Some have also lashed out for her choice to begin a new relationship so soon after she and Anthony had ended their's. Some even blame Kalel as the one responsible for the break up of the two. In response many have defended her on her choices she has made. After her tweets towards Anthony in October 2016 more have seemed to grow a hate towards her and the way she presents herself. Many now just calling her a "b***h" and stating she cares about no one but herself.


  • Pip
  • Kabuki (or Buki)
  • Baby Chibi or Mogwai, on Kalel's Twitter.

The channel has a fanpage on Facebook and Twitter but they're unknown by Anthony and Kalel thus far. Both pages are run by Elsa Jane Schacht (@elsajanie) and Petar Tomic (@PetarTomic2).

Fan Channel

Since March 2015, months after Kalel's and Anthony breakup, a fan account was made called WatchUsLiveAndStuff. The owner of the account is unknown, but they claim that they are not Anthony nor Kalel and plans to upload deleted videos from Kalel's YouTube channel on their account. As of October 2015, the channel has over 10,000 subscribers and 146,500 views, as opposed to 12,000 subscribers and 900,000 video views, due to Kalel putting a stop to the channel, allegedly with Anthony's approval. The channel title was then changed to "WatchMeLiveAndStuff."