Just Dance Rematch is the twenty-third installment for the Smosh Games series Smosh Game Bang.

It was uploaded on 1st March 2013 on both and YouTube.


The Smosh gang have a rematch and show off their skills in Just Dance 4 once more with new songs they've downloaded.


Like the 1st Just Dance Game Bang, the 2 people with the lowest scores will have to do a duet dance.

Songs danced to

  1. Sohinki: Katy Perry - Part of Me
  2. Ian: Ke$ha - We Are Who We Are
  3. Anthony: Cobra Starship - You Make Me Feel!
  4. Lasercorn: Sorcerer - Dagomba
  5. Mari: The Girly Team - So Glamorous
  6. Jovenshire: PSY - Gangnam Style
  • Duet dance: One Direction - One Thing

Note: The song highlighted in bold indicates it was the one song everyone knew was in the hat


  • 1st place: Lasercorn (6584 pts.)
  • 2nd place: Sohinki (6567 pts.)
  • 3rd place: Jovenshire (6485 pts.)
  • 4th place: Mari (5654 pts.)
  • 5th place: Anthony (5156 pts.)
  • Last place: Ian (3315 pts.)


  • This is the first time a game has been played twice.
  • This was the first time Mari has been in the bottom three for a Dancing Game Bang
    • Conversely, it is Lasercorn's first time in the top three
  • Joven was seen wearing a Just Dance 4 t-shirt in the video.
  • Some coincidences occured in this episode that also occured in Just Dance 4 Hilarity!
    • Ian had the lowest scores in both episodes
    • Ian was the girl avatar in both punishments
    • Jovenshire received the song that everyone knew was in the hat in both episodes
    • Jovenshire came 3rd place in both episodes
    • Just like the first Just Dance Game Bang, another long running gag was started in this episode: "Open Joven Style."
  • This is the 3rd most viewed episode of Game Bang and the 6th most viewed Smosh Games video overall, with over 5.5 million views

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