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Dr. Grant, Australian hunter, Professor Oak, Billy, Dr. Sattler, token black guy, Lex, Pikachar, Magikarp, Mankey

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A deranged millionaire professor decides to bring Pokémon to life in Jurassic Pokémon Park. What could go wrong? Oh, that's right, everything.


Jurassic Pokemon (AKA Jurassic Pokepark) is a movie trailer mixup of Pokémon and Jurassic Park.

The Trailer

Professor Oak (Ian) has welcomed a helicopter to his island. The narrator interrupts while saying something about a deranged millionaire professor. Oak told Dr. Grant (Anthony) and Dr. Sattler that they'll find the island interesting since both doctors are experts on Pokémon fossils. The narrator interrupts again while saying something about two idiot scientists.

In the lab, Oak told Grant that they managed to extract the DNA of a beedrill. Grant thought that the pokémon was trapped in Amber and thought Oak was a genius, but Oak said that the beedrill fell in his jell-o and takes a sip of it. The narrator interrupts while thinking that jell-o is in the movie too. Dr. Grant asks Oak about the eggs in a hat. Oak said that they were pokémon eggs which brought Grant into astonishment.

Out on the park, Dr. Sattler had Grant and Oak look at the mankeys and snorlaxes which Grant thought was beautiful. Oak welcomes them to the place call, Jurassic Pokémon Park. The narrator said something about nothing going wrong.

In a basement, Grant thinks that Oak breeding a Charizard is insane. Oak tells Grant that they cross-bred a Charizard with a Pikachu and calls it "Pikachar". Grant asked if it was dangerous, but Oak said that it wasn't. However, a trace of blood reaches towards the wall which Oak told the scientist that it's hot sauce.

Out on the park, Dr. Sattler thought they shouldn't mess with Mother Nature and could come back to bite them in the ass. Grant thinks that Sattler is foreshadowing the events that are going to happen that when Pokémon break loose, the would thought of listening to Sattler instead of messing with nature. However, Oak thought that they should chill out and would never happen unless the power went out in a catastrophic storm. Oak thought that would never happen. The narrator doubt Oak asking if it could.

In the lab, a token guy reveals that the power to the entire park is out? Oak didn't like it because that included is tanning salon. The narrator said, "Oh shizzle".

Out on the park, Dr. Grant, Billy, and Lex hide when all of the sudden, some rumbling noise is heard. Lex wanted to know what made it, Grant apologizes saying that jell-o gives him gas before eating more jell-o. More rumbling noise is heard, Billy apologizes saying that was him before eating jell-o. More rumbling is heard, Grant said that it wasn't him, but a Pikachar (Pikachu crossed with Charizard) appears behind the three as they get scared. The narrator says that the film stars a token black guy.

In the lab, the token guy (Dwight Taylor) said that none of the people in the island are going to make it including him because he's black before eating jell-o. The narrator says that the film also stars an stereotypical Australian hunter with no peripheral vision.

Out on the park, a magikarp is seen by a stereotypical Australian hunter (Anthony). The hunter puts down his gun while saying, "Clever cur," and then gets hit by it with a super effective splash attack. The narrator says that the film also stars a woman that can't tell the difference between real and fake hands.

In the lab, Dr. Sattler felt a fake arm while it was the hunter's arm. But when she reached out for it, she got scared. She has gone this two more times in different places. The narrator says that the film also stars an annoying boy with a stupid hat who screams like a high-pitched girl which references Billy.

Out on the park, Billy screams with a high-pitched voice while with Grant and Lex. However, Grant pushes Billy away to him only with the Pokémon and high-five Lex after she said that it was a nice job. The narrator tells the audience to not forget about the jell-o.

In the lab, Dr. Sattler is seen eating jell-o.

In the kitchen, Grant, Sattler, Oak, Lex, and the token black guy huddle together for safety from the outside world. Grant wonders if they're actually safe which Sattler agreed unless the Pokémon figure out how to open doors. When the doorbell rang, the token guy gets the door and then gets eaten by the Pikachar. The narrator felt doubtful about the token black guy dying already, but he was actually dead while his body is being dragged by Pikachar. The narrator realized his mistakes.

Later on, Pickachar tries to attack Grant, Lex, and Oak (Sattler's most likely escaped). Grant pushes Lex to Pikachar and complains about putting kids in the film. The narrator that there was no way of stopping the Pokémon.

In the corrupted lab, Grant thought that there is one of stopping them. From that comment, the narrator thought that he was wrong. Grant thought the only way to stop them is to catch them all while he holds a Pokéball.

In the hallway, the narrator says that the film will come out this fall and pray to God that they'll catch them all. While the narrator was telling Grant takes off his hat in a replacement for Ash Ketchum's old one, turns the cap around, and throws the Pokéball at Pikachar. Pikachar didn't went in the ball and got mad at Grant which also made Grant disappointed.

The narrator shows the symbol for Jurassic Poképark and even said that Hollywood isn't even trying anymore.


In the helicopter, Oak, Grant, and Sattler escaped from the island. Oak apologizes and realizes that he probably shouldn't have messed with Mother Nature. After Grant threw up on Oak's shoes, Oak told Grant that those his give-a-hard-felt-speech-about-learning-my-lesson-at-the-end-of-the-movie shoes.

Deleted Scene #1

Dr. Sattler gets angry after having seven fake hands on her shoulders.

Deleted Scene #2

Dr. Grant thinks that something is attracted to movement and light. Billy gets an idea to flash their flashlights like idiots. Lex agrees, and Billy and her flash their flashlights like idiots. Grant thought it was cool while thinking they were making shadow puppets.

Deleted Scene #3

Outside on the park, Oak told Grant and Sattler to take a unsupervised visit in the park, and to bring Billy and Lex with them. Billy and Lex were excited, but Grant and Sattler were unpleased.


Jurassic Pokemon/Script


  • This is the second Movie Trailer Mixup, the first was THE DITTO - Movie Trailer. Ironically, both of them had Pokémon parodies featured. .
  • Beginning with this video, and other videos that follow, a new outro was added replacing the usual "Thanks for Subscribing" ending and Behind the Scenes preview. The new outro features a link to a previous Smosh video related to the current video, and the usual Subscription ending. In this case, the video links back to the POKEMON IN REAL LIFE! series.
  • In the beginning, similar to THE DITTO - Movie Trailer, the rating screen has multiple hidden gems in it. Like the website "", and "The Following Preview has been Approved for People who pause videos, unless you somehow read incredibly fast, which is just plain creepy". Hinting the fact that whenever there's some hidden gem on a graphic, you'll have to pause the video to read it.
    • The rating box below the blurb above included hidden gags such as "This movie is rated 'PG-13' - due to Pokealities. That doesn't mean "Pokemon facilities." It means "Pokemon beastilaty." Please don't look it up. We warned you."
    • In the bottom part of the Rating box, the text reads "Some material may be inappropriate for Ian's mom."
  • This is the first appearance of Billy Hamburger in a Season 2014 Video.
  • Continuity Error: Pikachu and Charizard cannot breed together because they're in different Egg groups. Pikachu's in the Field and Fairy group while Charizard is in the Monster and Dragon group.
  • There are actually several Man-Made Pokémon, such as Porygon, Mewtwo, Garbordor, Claydol and Genesect (which came out of a fossil).
  • The video was created the same day as the Opening Ceremony of the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi.

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