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Joshua Ovenshire






Joven, TheJovenshire,

Date of birth

18 May 1987

Years Active

2015-Present (TLC)
2013-Present (TheJovenshire)
2012-Present (Smosh Games)
2010-2012 (ClevverGames)
2010-2011 (MahaloGames)

Sir Joshua Ovenshire, Esq. , also known as Jovenshire,  or simply Joven, is one of the six hosts on SmoshGames. He was a former host on Clevver Games and Mahalo Games alongside Lasercorn and Sohinki, the three all being hosts on Smosh Games now. He was also a competitor on TBS's reality competition show entitled King Of The Nerds, which first aired on 17 January 2013, but he lost during the February 14 episode to Ivan. As of 17 January 2013, he has his own Youtube channel called TheJovenshire, on which he hosts video blogs every Wednesday. From 21 October 2013 to early 2014 Joshua sported a Mohawk hairstyle, which was referred to by the others as a "Jovenhawk" (This hairstyle came about as a result of Joshua losing a bet to Lasercorn and Sohinki about the release date of PS4).


  • On the Smosh Game Bang episodes "COVER YOUR EARS, WE'RE SINGING" and "BALLS TO THE FACE", Joshua is proven to be a terrible singer. However, he has stated in his channel that if he practices he has a "decent" singing voice. Joshua also has a 'talent' singing Carly Rae Jepson's Call Me Maybe, as demonstrated in many Smosh Games videos.
  • On his channel, he said he got the gears tattoo over his heart because he was pronounced dead but the doctors saved him, and has many near death experiences.
  • On the Smosh Game Bang  episode EPIC SMOSH RAP BATTLE he has proven to be a bad rapper.
  • As of July 2013, Erin Darling is his girlfriend.
  • On the Super Mari Fun Time episode THE RETURN OF BROKEBACK JOVEN he said that he loves country music
  • In the video that announced SmoshGames on Clevver Games channel, it was revealed that it was Joshua's fault for the double "v" in the "Clevver Games" name.
  • During punishments in Smosh Game Bang, that involves eating something gross or delicious, Joshua always has the worst gagging reaction. (and he's the only one who always has a bucket prepared)
  • In the various Dancing Game Bangs uploaded to the channel, Joshua is shown to be reasonably skilled dancer. Out of the nine Game Bangs that have had the players doing dancing games, Joshua has only ended up doing the punishment twice (in You Can't Stop the Motion and Dancing With The Star Wars), and has only had last place once (in You Can't Stop the Motion), his first win for a dancing Game Bang was Breaking It Down In 2014, making him the last player to have won such an episode (but as of Grease Bang he is tied with Sohinki and Mari for most wins for dancing games, with all three having won 2 such episodes)
    • He is also the only person to stay in top 3 in every Just Dance Game Bang so far.
  • Jovenshire sometimes does not do well in Kinect games that don't involve dancing.
  • Joshua has stated on his personal channel that he doesn't like it when people call him Josh. He prefers Joshua or Joven.
  • Paul O'Grady's Organ Has A Jovenshire Button In Series 13-Present.
  • He was cast on The Walking Dead Webisodes just as a walker.
  • Joshua is the 2nd tallest member of Smosh Games only behind Anthony
  • In Why We're Single episode Our Best Holiday Memories he stated that he bought himself a Gamecube as a kid.
  • Despite Joven's high number of Game Bang losses, he was in fact the last player to lose their first episode


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