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Joshua Evan Ovenshire






Jovenshire, TheJovenshire, Joven, Paranormalpir8, Jovie (Mari)

Date of birth

18 May 1987

Years Active

2013-Present (TheJovenshire)
2012-Present (Smosh Games)
2010-2012 (ClevverGames)
2010-2011 (MahaloGames)
King of the Nerds (Season 1)

Relationship Status


Joshua Evan Ovenshire, also known as Jovenshire,  or simply Joven, is one of the six hosts on Smosh Games. He was a former host on Clevver Games and Mahalo Games alongside Lasercorn and Sohinki, the three all being hosts on Smosh Games now. As of 17 January 2013, he has his own Youtube channel called TheJovenshire, on which he hosts video blogs every Sunday.

King of the Nerds Edit

  • From January 17 to February 14 2013, Jovenshire was on the first season of a reality competition TV show on TBS called "King of the Nerds." Joven came in seventh place, losing to Ivan Van Norman.
    • Joshua has been quoted in multiple Game Bangs and other videos that "the show was rigged," although this is most likely in good nature
    • The other Smosh Games members seem to make fun of Joven for losing in multiple instances. In one GTS video, Joven got excited about doing a reality TV show, which was responded with "because you do so well on reality TV." Sohinki and Joven were also discussing King of the Nerds in Lasercorn's channel video.
    • Despite losing to him, Jovenshire seems to be on good terms with Ivan, who was in a video where Joven, Sohinki, Lasercorn, and Flitz played Ivan's tabletop game "Outbreak: Deep Space"
    • He has also said in various vlogs or posts that he and other KOTN contestants from that season occasionally meet up.


  • Jovenshire has the record for most overall losses in Game Bang, having a total of 75 losses
    • On the Smosh Game Bangepisodes Cover Your Ears, We're Singing and Rock Band Rocks!, Joshua is proven to be a terrible singer. However, he has stated in his channel that if he practices he has a "decent" singing voice. Joshua also has a 'talent' singing Carly Rae Jepsen's Call Me Maybe, as demonstrated in many Smosh Games videos.
    • Joven has a tendency to go through laughing fits where he produces a sporadic, wheezing laugh, nicknamed "the Walrus Laugh" by the other cast members.
    • From 21 October 2013 to early 2014 Joshua sported a Mohawk hairstyle, which was referred to by the others as a "Jovenhawk"
      • This hairstyle came about as a result of Joshua losing a bet on Gamer Nation to Lasercorn and Sohinki about the release date of PS4.
      • In February 2015, Jovenshire decided to revert to the "Jovenhawk" look (although it looks closer to his original hairstyle (pictured above) than it did when he first had it).
    • On his channel, he revealed his numerous tattoos and their meanings.
      • His first tattoo is "Don't fear your decision" written in Japanese characters on his right arm; it was inspired by a masquerade ball he went to, where he remarked on the guests' terrible dancing, and not caring what it looked like to the others. He said he wishes everyone thought this way.
      • On his left wrist is a set of vampire fangs, which was the logo of the first paranormal investigation group that he was a part of. He sees it as a symbol of "You are who you are because of where you've been".
      • On his left arm is a Batman logo (nicknamed 'The Bat-tat' by Joven), simply because he loves Batman, and he "needs a nerdy tattoo", because "that's who he is".
      • On his right calf is a tattoo of the Mandelorian, or 'Boba Fett' Crest from the Star Wars franchise. Joven has stated multiple times that he loves Star Wars, his father raised him on the franchise, and is particularly fond of Darth Maul and Boba Fett.
      • Along his entire back and spine is a large sword, which he states was the first sword he used, representing his love of fantasy, and as a symbol of strength. There is a video of him getting this tattoo titled "Victim of Art"
      • His most recent tattoo is a set of clockwork gears over his heart. Joven has suffered numerous near-death experiences, and was once even pronounced dead, and he says the gears represent whatever other force that has kept him alive. He also says the gears stand for motivation to keep going.
    • In the Smosh Game Bang episode EPIC SMOSH RAP BATTLE he has proven to be a bad rapper.
    • On the Super Mari Fun Time episode "THE RETURN OF BROKEBACK JOVEN" he said that he loves country music
    • In the video that announced SmoshGames on Clevver Games channel, it was revealed that it was Joshua's fault for the double "v" in the "Clevver Games" name.
    • During punishments in Smosh Game Bang that involve eating, Joshua always has the worst gagging reaction, and he's the only one who always has a "Bucket of Shame" prepared.
    • In the early Dancing Game Bangs uploaded to the channel, Joshua was shown to be reasonably skilled dancer. Out of the twelve Game Bangs that have had the players doing dancing games, Joshua has ended up doing the punishment five times (in Dancing with the Star Wars,You Can't Stop the Motion,Just Dance Like No One is Watching,Halloween Just Dance!!andMaking Music With Our Bodies, and has come last place three times (inYou Can't Stop the Motion,Just Dance Like No One is Watching).
    • His first win for a dancing Game Bang was Breaking It Down In 2014, making him the last player to have won such an episode.
    • Joshua has stated on his personal channel that he doesn't like it when people call him Josh. He prefers Joshua or Joven.
    • He was cast on The Walking Dead Webisodes as a walker.
    • Joshua is the second tallest member of Smosh Games only behind Anthony.
    • In a Why We're Single episode, he stated that he bought himself a Gamecube as a kid.
    • Despite Joven's high number of Game Bang losses, he was in fact the last player to lose their first episode.
    • One of his Celebrity Crushes is Emma Watson, as mentioned in Smosh video Emma Watson Surprise Prank.
    • Jovenshire has the longest losing streak of anyone, not having an individual win since Grease Bang, and a team win since We Are Great Liars (as of March 2015)
      • The Smosh Games members seem to be aware of this, and in 50 Shades of Mario Party, Sohinki shouted "Update the wikipedia: [Jovenshire] is still on a losing streak" when it was announced that Joven lost.
    • In one of his videos on his personal channel he stated that he has very bad eyesight, to the point that there are literal blind spots in his cornea (although he has also stated that they do not affect his ability to drive, though this doesn't prevent his buddies from mocking him and continuously asking "Will we survive Joven's driving?"). This often causes him to have trouble seeing detail, reading or writing clearly, or seeing the screen during a Game Bang. FLitz once actually called him the "Blind Beaver".
    • In one of his videos on his personal channel he stated that he has very bad eyesight, to the point that there are literal blind spots in his cornea (although he has also stated that they do not affect his ability to drive, though this doesn't prevent his buddies from mocking him and continuously asking "Will we survive Joven's driving?"). This often causes him to have trouble seeing detail, reading or writing clearly, or seeing the screen during a Game Bang. FLitz once actually called him the "Blind Beaver".
    • Jovenshire has stated in the past that he is a fan of long-running British Sci-Fi Drama Doctor Who
    • He is sometimes a guest on the FineBros show Youtubers React along with Sohinki and Lasercorn.
    • It is revealed in "HOW TO SURVIVE THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE" that he lives with Wes.
    • In "Lunchtime with Smosh Games" it is revealed that he is a collector of swords and owns a police baton that he calls a "Joven baton" which he keeps in his car. Sohinki has said that Joven claims he used to practice martial arts, which is revealed to be true in Teenage Mutant Ninja Smosh, as Jovenshire was the most skilled at using the weapons. 
    • He is known to make terrible jokes and puns, which is called a "Joven Joke" by the other Smosh Games crew.
      • One of the more famous Joven Jokes is his "a mind is a terrible thing to waste" joke, which became popular after he repeated it in two seprate Game Bangs
    • It has been implied multiple times that he is intimidated by Lasercorn. A notable example would be in one episode when Sohinki dared Joven to take a bite out of Lasercorn's food but Joven was terrified that Lasercorn would beat him up.
    • Joven has mentioned in the COMIC CON BREAKFAST TIME (BONUS) that he is an excellent cook.
    • He shows his enjoyment of scaring others onMatt Sohinki's channel, for on his video[1], he creeps up behindMatt SohinkiandMari Takahashi while they play the horror game, "Amnesia". Also, when he scaredMari Takahashi by popping out from under her desk in his personal channel video, [[2]].
    • In Crazy Electric Shock Game its revealed that Jovenshire takes enjoyment from being electrocuted even to a point of placing the electrodes next to his privates then turned on the machine, in Real Life Prop Hunt he seemed to be excited about a plate being smashed on his head, suggested using the plate to Lasercorn and having to have a shard be removed from his head while partially laughing so it's implied that he is somewhat of a masochist (in fact he said that he likes punishment but it could be a joke)
    • In Grand Theft Smosh, Maricraft and in the Mario Kart 8 Grand Prix, Jovenshire often teams up with Lasercorn in attacking the other players and praise each other's destruction even sometimes they both cause episodes to turn dark and Joven suggesting ideas and items to use in the episode as evidenced in Top 5 Darkest Smosh Games Moments, Trolling In The Wild West and Real Life Prop Hunt. However at times Jovenshire becomes Lasercorn's main target along with the other players even at times becomes a central target for example in How To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse Lasercorn says that he will sacrifice Jovenshire to escape from zombies.
    • During the first Death Bus episode, Jovenshire accidentally slurred the final "s", thus turning the name into "Death Buth". The name has remained this way in the Air Death Buth and Bang Buth episodes.
    • Joshua was in Italy competing against other YouTubers in the Forza Fuel challenge (for the release of Forza Horizon 2).
    • He gets the most hate out of every member on Smosh Games, for no reason causing him to receive pity from the fans to a point of the smosh games mails constantly having messages asking them to stop bullying Jovenshire but Joven defends the groups actions by saying that his relationship to Sohinki and Lazercorn is close to a brotherly bond and states that he can handle the mocking and hate.
    • It is revealed in Halloween Just Dance, that Joven is terrified of ostriches (Ornithophobia the fear of birds)
    • Its shown multiple times that he and Flitz see themselves as best friends or very close. numerous examples include starring together in top 5 videos and saying things in unison while playing GTA which was also implied by the group.
    • Although Joven has never revealed the backstory on the time he was pronounced dead, in WE ARE SUPERHEROES (Why We're Single) Joven implied that electricity was involved in his death and revival.
    • In WE ARE SUPERHEROES (Why We're Single) Joven also revealed he has been electrocuted countless times, once even while changing a car battery.
    • Apparently, Joven is the gassiest member of the team, being able to clear an entire room with a single fart in one episode..
      • Sometimes, Jovenshire will perform his own version of the Sohinkism, called the Jovenrage, when he fails in a video game, such as the latest Game Bang.
        • The term Jovenrage originated in Rumble In The Smosh Bronx where Joven said "next round Jovenrage" after he and Flitz connected the colours of the fighters to the lantern colours from the Green Latern comic series and they further stated that Flitz's character was yellow which was for fear, Jovenshires character was red which was for rage and Sohinki's character was blue which was for hope.
    • Joven has coulrophobia (a fear of clowns,) which was explained in Movies That Should be Games which he says was a result of the movie Killer Klowns from Outer Space, as well as in the Five Nights at Freddy's 2 gameplay video,
      • Joven also said that he is "freaked out" by jack-in-the-boxes, saying that's where he "draws the line"
    • Joven has a tendency to make the most awkward and/or half-assed comments out of the eight members of Smosh Games, which frequently earns him a glare and the catchphrase "Dammit Joven!" For example, during the Five Nights at Freddy's 2 episode the moral of the episode was "Don't have asshole friends", prompting Joven to exclaim "Asshole Bang!"
    • Up until RAGING WITH PORTAL, Joven had never played any games in the Portal series. This proved against him and Lasercorn when the two were paired in that samed episode as a team, being labelled respectively as "the noob and the veteran". The two lost because Joven would not "stop dicking around".
    • Joven's name has become so synonimous with getting a chance to recover and then straight-up blowing it that during ARROWS TO THE FACE when Flitz was one kill away from tying with Wes in their tie-breaker round, only for Wes to exploit a shortcut and utterly destroy Flitz, Joven exclaimed "You SO Jovened that!"
    • Joven had his chest waxed by the other members of Smosh Games in 2013 in the episode "THE WAX JOB" and has put an extended version on his personal channel. He stated that once the channel hit five million subscribers he would get waxed again. This has not happened yet.
      • Sohinki and crew have subverted this last challenge and tried to make Joven wax his gooch, to the point where Sohinki and Lasercorn made #Goochwax "a thing".
      • However in the last bonus video of 2014 Smosh Games Year in Review he said he will re-wax his chest if Anthony waxes his legs.
        • He also made a joke in Minecraft Hunger Games that he would wax his scrotum if the channel hit 2 Billion subscribers

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