Jiggle Physics is a team led by Ian Hecox in the Smosh Summer Games.


​Smosh Summer Games

The Summer Games are Here!

  • Roster:  Sohinki and Keith
  • Challenge/Game: Ultimate Chicken Horse
  • Outcome: Loss 

Balls Deep Soccer

  • Roster: Everyone
  • Challenge/Game: Balls Deep Soccer
  • Outcome: WIN 

Blindfolded Mouse Trap Challenge

  • Roster: Everyone
  • Challenge/ Game: 7-legged race
  • Outcome: Loss 

Hot Pepper Beach Party

  • Roster: Everyone
  • Challenge/ Game: Tugga Touchdown
  • 'Outcome: 'WIN

Mario Kart Slurpee Finale!

  • Roster:  Ian, Olivia, and Wes
  • Challenge/Game: Brain Freeze Mario Kart
  • Outcome: Loss 

Final Outcome

  • 3-2, Jiggle Physics loses!
  • Biggest Fail: Olivia

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