Ian is Bored 2

"Jenga Skyscraper!" is the 2nd installment of Ian is Bored. Ian's then-girlfriend Melanie appears in it, this being one of the few videos she appears in.

Video Description:

In this episode, I try to build a Jenga® Tower up to the ceiling from the table. Will I succeed? Will I fail? The answer to BOTH of those questions are answered in the video!



A sweatshirt-clad Ian is holding the camera and starting to walk, behind him some photos of landmarks he starts saying people have been saying mean things. A female, who is his girlfriend Melanie, comments behind him, saying "what" and he looks over and says he is not talking to her. She laughs and Ian exasperatedly shakes his head, although it is evident that he likes it. The musical and title appear.

The next shot is of two Jenga towers, and Ian states his purpose: To build a Jenga tower from the table all the way up to the ceiling. A white Apple laptop is in the shot, obscuring Melanie from the viewers, other than the occasional full or partial shot of her hand.