Jamming to Video Game Music is the twentieth installment of the Smosh Games series Why We're Single.


Jovenshire, Lasercorn and Sohinki pick their favourite soundtracks from video games

Pick 1

Jovenshire gives props to the games Tetris and Dr. Mario (he picked both because they were both featured on a bundle game for the SNES)

Pick 2

Lasercorn praises the music from Maximum Carnage.

Pick 3

Sohinki gives rave reviews to the music from Contra.

Pick 4

Lasercorn tells us why the song Still Alive (as sung by GLaDOS in Portal 2 and written by Jonathan Coulton) is (in his view) one of the best Video Game songs

Pick 5

Sohinki praises some of the music from Sega's Streets of Rage 2

Pick 6

Jovenshire insists that the music from Sonic the Hedgehog is better than the music from Super Mario Bros.

Pick 7

Lasercorn tells us about the music from a little-known Xbox game called Child of Eden

Pick 8

Sohinki gives props to the music from Halo

Pick 9

Jovenshire tells us why he feels that the score from Final Fantasy VII is one of the greatest ever composed (and why the fact that he owns a lot of video game scores may contribute to Why he was single)


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