Justin Bieber Hits Puberty
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Feburary 11, 2011

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Justin Bieber, Usher, his assistant, Usher's friend, Selena Gomez, some man, some driver, Marcie

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JUSTIN BIEBER HITS PUBERTY (Never Say Never 2) is a Smosh video uploaded on February 11, 2011. In this episode, Ian plays Justin Bieber in a documentary about how Justin Bieber's career went downhill ever since puberty happened.


Justin Bieber (played by Ian) complains to an interviewer that he had money, cars, girls and everything, "until 'it' came." When the interviewer asks what came, Justin says, "Puberty."

On June 14th, 2011, Justin was recording a song with Usher. At first, things go smoothly, but quickly goes horribly wrong when Justin's voice starts cracking, prompting Usher to stop recording. Outside the recording booth, Usher asks Justin what's going on with him. Justin tells Usher that he's "just growing up" and that he "can't control it." Not wanting that to happen, Usher pushes the panic button and tells everyone to start Operation Micheal Jackson. Justin tells his interviewer that Usher got drugs from Mexico that would reverse what was happening to Justin.

Later, Usher and his friend (Anthony) were playing Xbox 360, when Justin, with his nipples bleeding, comes in and tells him that he shouldn't take the drugs anymore. When Usher asks why, Justin answers, "My penis fell off." When Usher asks if he's sure, Justin shows him his penis on his hand, which shocks Usher because of its miniscule size. Justin tells his interviewer that he's still going through puberty even without a penis, but he does tell him that he does have his balls. Justin then pulls down his pants and underwear when Usher tells him to. Usher and his friend start laughing at Justin's balls, and even Justin's girlfriend Selena Gomez joins in on the laughter.

The next week, Justin went back to the studio, when things only start to get worse. When recording, Justin's voice became even worse. A man (Anthony) comes in screaming to make it stop, with his ears literally bleeding. Usher tells the assistant next to him to "turn up the autotune." The assistant says that he can't go higher, but Usher tries, only for the autotune to break. Justin tells his interviewer that his life "went to hell after that." But Justin Bieber stands up and says, "I'm never giving up! I came from nothing, and I became the biggest star in the world! I never say never!" The interviewer tells him to say the full title of the film: Never Say Never Part 2.

Justin says that he's out on the street singing for people. Justin says that the video he's in is popular. A Youtube Video titled, "'Golden Pop Voice' Homeless woman sings on the street." has Justin being asked by a random guy (Anthony) to sing. But Justin starts to sing badly, causing the driver to ask for his money back, which turns to a fight when Justin refuses to give it back.

Justin tells his interviewer that he lost his following, but a crazed fangirl is sitting next to him. The fangirl says that her name is Marcie and she has Bieber Fever. She's wearing the shirt that Justin signed when she was 11 and hasn't taken it off since. She then asks Justin for one of his socks, but when Justin asks for $10, she complains that she only has a dollar. After they trade their items, Marcie eats Justin's sock and Justin's nipples start bleeding again with him screaming "OH SH**!"

Alternate Ending

When Marcie eats Justin's sock, Justin wanted to know if the sock tastes good. So he decided to eat his other one which he thought wasn't so bad. After that, Justin realizes his pants have been taken and Marcie is seen eating them while growling at him and the left part of the screen says NEVER SAY NEVER-Justin.


Subscription Ending

"Thanks for subscribing! And Justin Bieber, if you're watching this, umm... Sorry about your penis."

Shut Up! Opening

"Ow! That didn't feel good! I don't know why she just threw that at me-SHUT UP!"



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