Is It Stinky?
Nature Break 2


July 16, 2012

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Nature Break



Characters Featured:

Dr. Michael W. Hollingsworth, Ryan, Johnny, Susan, Emily, Lizzy

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Is It Stinky? (Nature Break) is the second episode of the Shut Up! Cartoons' series Nature Break. It was uploaded on July 16th, 2012.

Brief Synopsis: Dr. Hollingsworth lets us take a look at animals' thoughts on food allergies and the people of New Jersey.



A bear is sleeping under what appears to be snow. A clock starts ringing and the bear wakes up.

Skit 1: Ryan and Johnny (Cockroaches)

The roaches start out by standing on a pizza. The purple roach says he can't eat pizza. Ryan is confused and says that it is just dough and cheese. The purple roach says he is glutenintolerante, lactatintolerante (which means he can't stand seeing woman breast feed), lactosintolerante, he can't eat Philichese stakes (because he hates Philidelphia), he is alergic to Peanuts, the comic strip, and Family Circus. He can't eat yellow foods because he hates yellow. Ryan says that they will just go get a cold one and skip lunch. The purple roach says he can't even hear the words cold one and he starts to swell up. Both roaches then get stepped on by a foot.

Skit 2: Susan, Lizzy, and Emily (Llamas)

The llamas start out by talking about boys. Susan says she wants boys to dress up like the people from Mad Men. Lizzy says people would have jobs if they dressed like they had one. Emily asks what Tapout means and Lizzy responds by saying it is the official clothing by MMA. They talk about how MMA shouldn't name their clothes Tapout because that is what they do when they loose. Susan says that it is like naming NFL, fumble, NBA calling their clothes airball, tennis calling their clothes double fault, hockey calling their clothes loss and overtime, or baseball calling their clothes baseball. Lizzy then starts talking about how baseball is so boring. Emily then interrups her and starts to say "Or soccer-" but Lizzy cuts her off by saying they are done with the list. They start talking about the guys in the Edd Hardy shirts are the same as the guys in the Tapout shirts and all that axe body spray. Susan says it smells like they sprayed energy drink all over their body. Susan says guys should meet girls that know how to wash delicate items so they don't have to spray axe all over them. Emily says there are more tigers on shirts in New Jersey then there are in the wild. They then get hit by a bowling ball.

Shut Up! Opening

Is it Stinky? SHUT UP!

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